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Secured Cellular IoT Network


"JpU Secured IoT project is planned to enable JpU to leverage its current technology and provide the market with a safe and advanced controlled infrastructure for IoT/M2M connectivity.
IoT has been labelled as ""the next Industrial Revolution"" because of the way it will change the way people live, work, entertain, and travel, as well as how governments and businesses interact with the world. Along with the consumer products evolution, industrial products and applications are also becoming globally connected, creating a huge demand for machine-to-machine M2M connectivity.
JpU is driving to be the next step in this mass connectivity evolution, focusing on developing network solutions that enables to connect, manage and secure massive amounts of connected devices, has identified the mobile cellular networks as being the fastest enablers for the IoT and M2M markets. The IoT HyperCore platform (already introduced as V1.0) gives enterprise the capability to manage their part of the network, through a simple interface where self-service layers are available, assuring perfect customization and optimization. Thus, giving IoT users enterprises the benefit to be unlocked from mobile network operators, to dramatically reduce IoT cost and to assure of new level of cyber security. JpU security capabilities enable the cyber protection of low power devices being considered as a challenge for IoT manufacturers, due to limited resources in terms of energy and computing power.
Secured Cellular IoT Network (Secured IoT) is planned to upscale JpU current product and to add the Secured IoT features required replacing Fire-Wall and other anti malware s/w for the wide market of low-power IoT devices.
Secured IoT project go-to-market plan, JpU is looking to achieve €65M revenue out of the connectivity costs in five years after the project, resulting in 3-5 % of the cellular industrial IoT European market.


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