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The world´s first portable and smart digital microscope scanner for clinical and research use


Grundium´s team of former leading innovators from Nokia and Microsoft have created a disruptive technology that enables to launch the world´s first portable and low-cost digital scanning microscope for clinical and research use.

Today, digital pathology is at the verge of major breakthrough and it is regarded as one of the key enabling technologies in future medicine, forming a €5 billion market by 2023. The market for digital pathology tools is growing 12% annually and reaches €700 million in few years.

Digital pathology is seen as the solution to the global shortage of pathologists and growing need for tissue analysis.Only digitally scanned slides and software-assisted tools can reveal the hidden patterns of various pathologies (e.g. cancer) that are so far left invisible to even most trained experts.

However, among the potential users (clinics, labs, research), 80% still have no tools for scanning the traditional glass slides and they must still rely on manual methods that are error-prone and enable to rely on only the locally available pathology expertise and capacity.

Today, the main implementation barrier is the high cost of the available scanning devices. State-of-the-art solutions cost up to 200k€ and are stationary due to their large size. Thus, they are mainly used in larger hospitals where the bigger diagnostic throughput makes them somewhat cost-efficient.

The biggest unaddressed markets segments are small/medium clinics and pathology labs. Our addressable markets include more than 10,000 such clinics/labs just in EU and North-America.

The SME-project enables us to finalize our development, acquire certifications, conduct pilots with leading European hospitals and pathology labs and start the commercialization phase.

By 2022, we are the leaders in desktop scanning microscopes and have enabled the faster and more widespread transition to digital pathology era globally.

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