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Populism And Civic Engagement – a fine-grained, dynamic, context-sensitive and forward-looking response to negative populist tendencies


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Report outlining ethical, legal and social recommendations in the context of ICT tools.

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PaCE ethics - Period 2

Periodic report on ethical issues and management within the project

Historical and political development of populism in Europe

Report containing the historical and political development of populism in Europe 19902020

Report on the state of modern day populism in Europe

Report on the state of modern day populism in Europe

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Periodic report on ethical issues and management within the project

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Report outlining ethical, legal and social recommendations in the context of public engagement.

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Handbook outlining the principles and practices that the project will adopt to ensure compliance with ethical frameworks and codes of conduct

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Populist communication in the news media: The role of cultural and journalistic factors in ten democracies.

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Author(s): Daniel Smilov
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Human Rights in the Age of Anti-Paternalism

Author(s): Daniel Smilov
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Author(s): Reinhard Heinisch, Annika Werner
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An Evidence-Driven Model of Voting and Party Competition

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Perceived Deprivation and Voter Turnout in Austria: Do Views on Social Inequality Moderate the Deprivation—Abstention Nexus?:

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Does ethno-territorial identity matter in populist party support? Evidence on the demand-side from 19 populist radical right and populist radical left national and regionalist parties

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A Semantic and Syntactic Similarity Measure for Political Tweets

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Positive Side Effects? The Impact of Populist Radical Right Parties in Government on the Media Visibility of the Austrian Parliament

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Co-developing beliefs and social influence networks—towards understanding socio-cognitive processes like Brexit

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Europe’s Party Politics: Liberal, Illiberal, or Quasi-Liberal?

Author(s): Takis Pappas
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Publisher: European Liberal Forum

The Kurz affair has uncovered the Trumpian dimension of Austrian politics

Author(s): Reinhard Heinisch and Annika Werner
Published in: LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) blog, 2021
Publisher: LSE

КОНСТИТУЦИОНАЛИЗЪМ И ДЕМОКРАЦИЯ: МЕЖДУ ВЪРХОВЕНСТВОТО НА ПРАВОТО И ВЪЗХОДА НА ПОПУЛИЗМА В БЪЛГАРИЯ (2001 – 2010)[Constitutionalism and democracy: Between Rule of Law and the Rise of Populism in Bulgaria (2001-2010)]

Author(s): Daniel Smilov
Published in: 2019, Page(s) 1-238, ISBN 0789540747941
Publisher: "Sofia University $Sy. Kliment Ohridski"" Publishing house"