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Urban Arena for sustainable and equitable solutions


Database of 100 Projects

Database of 100 projects on urban sustainability, inequalities and exclusion

Invitation and preparatory materials

Invitation and preparatory materials for the UrbanA Arena Convention on domain-specific and cross-domain drivers, manifestations and solutions for urban social inequality and exclusion

UASES Concept and Guidelines

UASES overall concept and methodological guidelines

Set of Scenarios

Set of scenarios on inclusive and equityoriented sustainability policies

Project Identity and Website

Project identity and website, mailing list and presence on social media platforms

Package of Dissemination Materials

Package of dissemination materials including factsheets brochures public report and publications policy papers and scholarly and media editorials that emerge from WP26

UASES Brochure

UASES brochure to inform potential arena participants that is also shared on the website

Mapping Framework

Mapping framework and selection criteria

Communication and Dissemination Plan

Communication and dissemination plan

Monitoring and Evaluation Report

Monitoring and evaluation report on inclusivity transdisciplinary and social learning in UASES outcomes DRIFT and CEU

Final Palette of Innovative Solutions

Final palette of innovative solutions presented in snapshot form on UrbanA online and offline communication channels from WP7 as input for the 4th Urban Arena Convention Final Conference

Comprehensive Report on Results of WP5

Comprehensive report on all results of WP5 including the cocreated scenarios and an executive summary of 4 pages in form of an electronically published working paper and other formats as described in WP7

Series of Policy Papers

Series of Policy Papers with recommendations directed at predefined target communities

Report on Insights from Mapping

Report on insights from mapping (deliverable after workshop including solutions per functional domain, involved actors, …)

Communications materials

Broadlyappealing communications materials summarizing the domainspecific and crossdomain drivers manifestations and solutions of urban social inequality and exclusion identified in EU research projects and linked to WP7


Meta-analysis of EU research publications and qualitative study of domain-specific and cross-domain drivers, manifestations, and solutions for urban social inequality and exclusion

Final Conference Documentation

Final conference documentation

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