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Securing the worlds connected devices through open source and ease of use


Mender secures the world by patching security vulnerabilities in embedded connected devices. It removes the current need to develop costly, insecure and unreliable homegrown solutions and sending engineers out in the field with USB sticks/data cables to update vulnerable devices or recall and exchange devices due to security breaches. Mender is market disruptive and a game-changer, based on open source software technology for secure automated over-the-air (OTA) soft- and firmware updating of embedded devices.
The overall objective of the MENDER Phase 2 project is is to mature and launch the Mender Enterprise and Hosted Mender software for secure OTA updating. Mender Enterprise will be offered as a downloadable license (Enterprise) or as Software-as-a-Service solution (Hosted). In the MENDER Phase 2 project we will address and implement the findings of our Feasibility Study to enable rapid and successful commercialisation of the Mender product ‘family’ (Mender Enterprise & Hosted Mender) based on our existing open-source solution Mender Community. We have outlined a series of objectives that can be grouped in 3 categories and achieving them will bring us to a wide international market uptake:
1) Technology maturation objectives will optimise Mender functionalities prior to intensive testing by end-users.
2) Test and validation objectives to demonstrate and validate the commercial potential of Mender in actual end user operating environments.
3) Market maturation, communication and innovation management objectives enabling us to successfull to the market and reach sales traction beyond Phase 2.
Through MENDER we will significantly boost our growth - quantified as accumulated revenues of €16.5m 3-year post project with accumulated net profit of €10.7m and employment growth of at least 25 FTEs. Mender addresses directly the security issues linked to handling a large volume of embedded connected devices and provides an end-to-end solution to address secure OTA updatin

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SME-2 - SME instrument phase 2


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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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