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Transnational Figurations of Displacement: Connectivity and Mobility as Solutions to Protracted Refugee Situations


Methods Handbook

see WP1, Task 4

Policy Brief

see WP3, task 6.4

Working paper: Transnational Figurations of Displacement - TRAFIG's core concept

Theoretical working paper outlining and operationalising the concept transnational figurations of displacement. see WP1, task 1.5

Ethics Guidelines

Ethic guidelines including strategies in dealing with ethical challenges and incidental findings. The Ethics guidelines include the following post-signature requirements: - GEN-Requirement No. 12 (The Ethics Guideline Handbook must be provided within 6 months of the start of the project) - GEN- Requirement No. 13 (The Ethics Guidelines Handbook must include details on the incidental findings policy)

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