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Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics


Mid term report WP3

We will submit a mid term evaluation report for the progress on work package 3

Final evaluation report WP3

We will submit a final evaluation report for work package 3 as a conclusion for the work package.

Final report WP2

Final report summarizing the overall improvements to the Plytix Analytics tool including ad-hoc features.

Scalability report

We will submit a report showing the improvement progress on the scalability of the Plytix Analytics tool. The report will show the progress over time starting from month 1 and will include all relevant actions we have deployed in order to measure the exact effect of those actions.

Data Visualisation Server

"We will provide a login to an independant web service. The user will be able to access a control panel from where he/she can customise charts and tables. We will submit a brief report including a step-by-step ""how to"" guide and a login"

Interactive charts

Users will be able to login in to the Analytics interface and monitor data and play with the data in interactive charts. We will submit a guide and login to an account with real time data. The data will be a copy of one of our Beta clients. We will also provide a written consent from the client allowing us to share the data

Updated Plugins

We will submit helpcenter articles and/or tutorial videos explaining how each plugin works and how to install them on a webstore.

Updated website

We will launch our new website explaining all the USP's and thereby open up for any business to sign up for the service without prior approval of a Plytix representative We will submit a link to the website.

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