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Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics


Updated Plugins

We will submit helpcenter articles and/or tutorial videos explaining how each plugin works and how to install them on a webstore.

Data Visualisation Server

"We will provide a login to an independant web service. The user will be able to access a control panel from where he/she can customise charts and tables. We will submit a brief report including a step-by-step ""how to"" guide and a login"

Interactive charts

Users will be able to login in to the Analytics interface and monitor data and play with the data in interactive charts. We will submit a guide and login to an account with real time data. The data will be a copy of one of our Beta clients. We will also provide a written consent from the client allowing us to share the data

Updated website

We will launch our new website explaining all the USP's and thereby open up for any business to sign up for the service without prior approval of a Plytix representative We will submit a link to the website.

Searching for OpenAIRE data...