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Microsensor for continuous arterial blood glucose monitoring


- Poor glucose control in critically ill patients leads to significant increases in costs, complication and mortality rates. Continuous monitoring of glucose will reduce costs of €2700 per patient and could save 58 000 lives in the EU every year.

- GlucoSet has developed a disposable glucose sensor for monitoring glucose in the ICU. The sensor measures glucose by measuring sub-nanometer length changes in an advanced material that responds to the glucose level. The product is designed for mass-manufacturing at its core. The innovative fiber optic sensor is protected by granted patents and has freedom to operate. The sensor will be sold as a single-use device lasting 96h with a gross margin of over 90% at high volume.

- The total addressable market (US and EU) is $1600 million per year. Willingness to pay has already been confirmed. The project has strong backing from key opinion leaders.

- Unlike the competition, the sensor couples to the indwelling arterial catheter, which enables unsurpassed reliability and ease of use.

- The SMEi phase 2 will take the project from working prototypes that have been tested in vivo, to a CE-marked device. We expect market entry in 2021 in the EU.

- The company has a very strong team that has extensive experience with medical devices, scaling up production and raising and working with venture capital.

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