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Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards


Project Communication and Dissemination Report I

The Project Communication and Dissemination Report includes information on how the strategic communication and dissemination has been executed until the reporting date. It refers project identity, corporate design, its online and social media presence, and other means of external communication and dissemination. It also reviews the internal communication measures taken by the consortium.

Project Communication and Dissemination Report II
IPR and Ethics guideline

This document ensures that the project consortium fulfils relevant ethical, personal rights, and data protection standards, and that it adequately protects / shares IP generated within MICADO partnership. The task leader and Exploitation Manager SYNYO drafts a guideline for IPR and ethics and updates it periodically, in accordance with new products and output from the project. At the same time, SYNYO acts as ethic advisor, who will ensure that the project consortium fulfills all ethical standards, personal rights and data protection requirements according to the new GDPR (Data Protection Impact Assessment) and as laid out in WP9.

Local co-development activities logbook

This deliverable consists of gathered information on the local codevelopment activities in a changetracking manner The logbook traces the facilitation of activities and events in the partner cities and communities to encourage local developers in public institutions coder clubs migrant hacker schools etc to create specific local versions beyond MICADOs onefitsall solution

Local pilot evaluation report

The final evaluative report based on quantitative and qualitative data commenting on MICADO usability and adaptability its dysfunctions the resistances to its adoption and the overall MICADO impact on its users

"Report ""ICT Solutions for MICADO"""

"Updates and summarizes the international state of the art in information and communication technologies that are relevant to the project, e.g. data dashboards, cockpits, chatbots, as well as technical standards and conventions. Focus will be put on GIS visualisation and spatial analysis. For this, the task leader TUW, together with other technological partners, will research and collect existing solutions of potential interest for MICADO, and assess them in regards to their applicability in the project. TUW will also check conversion options for GIS usage and elaborate on ways to implement data that is not available in a spatial-related format yet. First drafts for spatial visualisation of this data will also be covered within this task, and a suggestion for the spatial data structure will be worked out. TUW will show the relevance of visualization and simulation tools regarding the sustainable handling of migration and integration issues and challenges. The task serves to bring the MICADO partnership on par with and create a basic understanding of the available technologies. Results will be compiled into an overview ""ICT Solutions for MICADO""."

Uptake and Sustainability Plan

In this report means of transferring the universally applicable MICADO platform to partner cities and communities are set out In cooperation with stakeholders detailed concepts are generated on how to maintain future proliferation and application of MICADO beyond the Horizon project eg by anchoring MICADO in public institutions and universities Tutorials and guidelines for local adaptation events will be prepared referring to content created in WP2 For this the task leader HCU maintains that local MICADO groups run Uptake Workshops and prepare a local sustainability strategy

MICADO Logbook and Handbook: Concept Convergence Kit

"This document is an extra, originally not planned, deliverable of the project. It is a merger of two other documents that were originally created for MICADO's internal use: the 'Logbook for Development"", which is the object of Task 2.4, and ""Workshop Handbook"", which was a spontaneous product of Task 3.1. The intention behind the creation of this new Deliverable 38 is to boost the project's dissemination efforts, as the ""Logbook and Handbook"" can be offered as a co-creation results collection and workshop methodology reference. The ""Logbook"", created by CPS, summarised and categorised the needs, demands, and requirements of the application's target groups, collected in the co-creation workshops and interviews conducted in WP2. The ""Handbook"", created by SYNYO and HCU, was a derivative of the ""Logbook"" in such a way that it provided a reliable and condensed knowledge base for the work of WP3 in an accessible, graphical way. The book was printed out and used during the 1st Convergence Workshop in January 2020 for all participants as reference."

Software State of the Art

An in-depth overview of the available software solutions in the domain of the project’s needs is necessary for MICADO as an initiative that will use Open Source components. This will be achieved by building on the overview created in T 2.3 and extending it to provide a proper overview of technological features for specialised ICT-audiences. Following a consolidated overall vision of the project, software assessment will be made to sort out the best of breed and most fitting options for the project to adopt.

General guidelines for piloting

Delivers the overall approach and guidelines for MICADO partners to define their local implementation plans. The guidelines are based on the framework elaborated in WP1, WP2 and WP3, and the task leader prepares the guidelines parallel to the conceptual and technical development (WP3 and WP4) in cooperation with all local implementation partners.

Overview of existing solutions incl. data and Demand Analysis for MICADO key services

This report maps data and solutions relevant for MICADO, analyses the demand for services envisioned for MICADO, builds a local exploration kit, and establishes a platform (a MICADO logbook) for tracking changes in these respects. Overall, a substantial common methodological framework for running local stakeholder workshops in all partner cities / regions is laid out in this report. The task leader CeMIS will compile facilitation guidelines and training materials incl. generic workshop design, templates, question sets, etc., in order to carry out an analysis of demands and needs of the distinct groups of stakeholders of the MICADO project. The role of the other academic partners is to map together all data and completing the template for the lead partner, in close collaboration with all local municipalities who provide the data they have at their disposal. Furthermore, they should provide feedback on the Local Exploration Kit.

Project Communication and Dissemination Report III
Solutions exchange

In this deliverable a platform is established MICADO market for the transfer of information knowledge and sharing of locally developed applications across the partner cities but also to cities and communities that were not part of the MICADO partnership hitherto For this task leader SYN establishes an exchange platform that documents feasible solutions explains how to conduct and develop local solutions and helps to transfer solutions between cities and regions

Dissemination Media and Materials

This deliverable consists of a detailing of various means of communication, advertising, and information distribution that will be employed throughout the duration of the project. Scientific dissemination measures (e.g. webinars, journals, publishers) may be included in this deliverable.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan describes the overall organisation of the IT systems within the project, how data are being generated, stored, processed, archived, maintained, and accessed. Furthermore, data security and data safety measures are being outlined.

"Report ""Migration Challenges for MICADO"""

"Updates and summarizes in detail the state of the art in migration and integration research of relevance for the project on national and EU level. For this, task leader CPS will design a common methodology to investigate and a template to collect from all scientific partners the data needed for developing the application addressing the environmental challenges (political, social, economic, cultural), and will compile them into a report ""Migration Challenges for MICADO""."

Data Management Plan Update

The Data Management Plan Update provides updated and summarised information on data management throughout the entire project duration It describes the overall organisation of the IT systems within the project how data are being generated stored processed archived maintained and accessed Furthermore data security and data safety measures are being outlined


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Local dynamics of inequality, policies and challenges for the future

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