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Generative European Commons Living Lab


gE.CO Platform

The platform will be ready to be uploaded.

gE.CO Map

The gE.CO web platform will be uploaded, pilot cases will be geolocalized and meta-tags will be included to classify generative commons

gE.CO accessible and public database

The gE.CO database composed by templates of pilot cases will be uploaded in gE.CO platform.

Set of Open Source Systems

Loomio page, NextCloud installation and Wiki Page integrated in gE.CO platform.

Itineraries for the WMGC

Itineraries to visit generative commons will be published on the platform Alternative guide will be published at M35

Pilot cases mappped and catalogued on the gE.CO platform

Pilot cases registered by UNITO on the gE.CO platform

Tools to promote and facilitate citizens' participation and the creation of a community

Digital tools for accessible and affordable communications organizing events collaboratively undertaking mundane operations encouraging the identification of community issues

Policy roundtable

Roundtable to discuss policy input in order to modify the EU legal framework for facilitating the development of generative commons

Final Conference

Final Conference in Brussels to present and discuss the findings of the project and the gECO platform

Sets of recommendations for promotion of women and underrepresented groups

Open access recomendations and instructions for the configuration of participatory models that explicitely promote the visibility of women and open up participation to underrepresented groups

General Written Report

The general written report will present the findings of the survey and their interpretation Findings will be evaluated throughout the gECO Matrix included in the report

Legal Toolkit

Statute for organizing generative commons agreements for publiccivic partnerships handbook for EU Institutions

Report and training materials to increase accessibility of gE.CO platform and ICT tools

Open access report and training materials to support and increase access to gECO platform and ICT tools

Temporary Uses Toolkit (TUT)

Tools and methodologies to carry out temporary uses of abandoned spaces and to organize selfbuilding activities

gE.CO Templates

General templates to classify generative commons and Public Institutions that will populate gE.CO platform

Tools and models to governing generative commons

models of governance digital tools for decisionmaking processes blockchainbased framework to create local financial instruments

Biannual electronic newsletter

To communicate announcement of progress and milestones achieved; reports on conference and workshops; information about forthcoming events or publications.

Press releases

Press releases to communicate the project (DEC + R)

Project website online and operational

The website will serve as a repository of working material and European good practices, hence supporting the learning process within the project. It will consist of a public area which will support the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project and a Restricted area, accessible through a password .


Tools for the Generative Commons. Practices, processes and design

Author(s): gE.CO consortium
Published in: 2022
Publisher: generative commons house

The rise of urban commons inEurope

Author(s): Alessandra Quarta and Antonio Vercellone
Published in: Blog Droit Europeen, 2021, ISSN 2555-9117
Publisher: Blog Droit Europeen


Author(s): Alessandra Quarta and Antonio Vercellone
Published in: Global jurist, 2021, ISSN 1934-2640
Publisher: Berkeley Electronic Press
DOI: 10.1515/gj-2021-0084

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