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Anti-lock braking system for e-bikes able to avoid the front wheel locking and the rear wheel lifting increasing cyclist safety during braking

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Green light for electric bike braking system

As the electric bike market continues to soar, safety concerns loom large. While anti-lock braking system (ABS) technology is widely adopted in cars and motorcycles, its integration into electric bikes presents unique challenges in terms of portability, integration, weight, and energy consumption. Undeterred, BluBrake, a pioneering European SME, has developed the BB6S Active, the lightest ABS for electric bikes. The EU-funded BB6S Active project aims to make this disruptive product, which has been rigorously tested on various road surfaces, the safety standard for premium electric bikes. With high sales projections and the support of key industry partners, BluBrake is set to redefine electric bike safety with BB6S Active.


We are BluBrake and represent a high-tech European SME specialized in active braking control in two wheeled vehicles. We have a clear mission: we aim to increase safety and riding experience for cyclists and become a worldwide reference technology provider of ABS technology in the electric bike industry.
Nowadays, ABS technology is widely spread in car and motorbike market: the shift of this technology to electric bike market requires great efforts in terms of portability and integration and foresees more criticalities in terms of system weight and energy consumption compared to the motorbike market. Nevertheless, the ABS has the potential to become a safety standard equipment in premium electric bike market, as confirmed by the ultra-high willingness to spend from target customers.
To respond to this market demand, we have developed BB6S Active, the lightest ABS system for electric bikes. The performances of the prototypal system has been verified and tested on several real road surfaces (such as dry and wet asphalt, gravel, off-road, wet conditions) in operational environment (TRL7). We can rely on the support of high-level partnerships with braking system manufacturers that have successfully integrated our ABS system in their products.
BB6S Active product specifications are defined to be disruptive against the potential benchmark product: the ABS for e-bikes produced by Robert Bosch GmbH that will enter the market in Q4 2018
BB6S Active is the BluBrake pivotal entrepreneurial initiative, expected to boost magnitude of the SME business. The investment needed to industrialize the BB6S Active system and reach TRL9 is 3,25M€.
TAM: e-bike market in EU, US, Canada, Japan and Australia (sales projections = 4,2M of e-bikes in 2022)
BB6S Active targets the premium e-bike segment = 40% of the reference market
BB6S Active sales forecast: We plan to sell + 250k units in 3,3 years (Q4 2019-2022) by reaching the 8,6% of market penetration and 24M€ of revenues in 2022.

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