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Pioneering ICT-platform setting the new standard on advertising and how consumers shop


Marketing materials

1) managing all outbound communication for the project, 2) developing the necessary communication tools and preparing materials (banners, presentations and animated web videos), 3) promoting our corporate identity, 4) facilitating positive publicity about our company and our technology, 5) optimizing our exposure via social and traditional media, and 6) maximizing our inclusion in fairs and conferences.

Publication of fairs/events featuring our SPOTT technology

attendance at international and local events/fairs to have our technology used in presentations and live demonstrations, and have direct personal interactions with multiple users from the value chain (content producers, media agencies, advertising agencies, vloggers,…) in a short time period. There are several key fairs in Europe where we intend to exhibit our technology and establish contacts with the stakeholders present.

Updated applications and website

keep all existing Spott assets up to date and continuously optimise them based on user behavior and volume of user interactions during the launches into the new markets: (1) define and maintain data structure and storage, (2) data gathering and aggregation, (3) data analytics logic, (4) data security, (5) data APIs, (6) manage dashboard-related data in the CMS, and (7) update website and application (for Android and iOS).

Launch of the Universal Basket

Allow users to purchase online on Spott assets and let drop shippers do the fullfillment. Create overview pages in the CMS to manage the whole process, link this up with a market payment service provider solution and integrate this in Spott's own e-banking solution.

Launch of the new Market Place

Transform the dashboards (reporting function) into an active marketplace (two-way direction with customized updates with proposals)

Launch of the online/offline features

Allow consumers to find the physical store closed to them to purchase the item, chat with the store and even purchase in the store with the Spott app. The tasks to be performed will be done by the project management team in collaboration with the CTO and his team. On technical level the following tasks are to be performed: 1) create inventories of products present in the local stores, 2) data security, 3) offline purchase tracking, 4) integrate features into the CMS, 5) create plugins to existing Point of Sale (POS) & Inventory solutions.

Content for personalized Newsletters

Create automated production of customized newsletters to users based on their interaction with Spott assets.

Intellectual Property Rights

EUTM application 'spott'

Application/Publication number: spott 017840521
Date: 2020-05-06
Applicant(s): SPOTT

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