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Research into high intensity accelerators and radioactive Ion production


We will provide training for young researchers in the domains of high-intensity proton and radioactive ion beams. Of high priority for future accelerators, these research areas offer excellent training possibilities in a variety of disciplines, such as bea m dynamics computer simulations and programming, radio frequency cavities, and ion sources including materials research and chemistry. High intensity accelerators are more and more of interest for different applications. At CERN the possible future upgrades for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will require more powerful injectors. Neutron spallation sources are becoming important for many domains like material science, and even for biology. Nuclear waste transformation and the production of radioactive isotop es with applications in basic science, even including cosmology, but also for biological and medical purposes are also future applications. Early stage researchers will be closely supervised by experts using state-of-the-art, and sometimes unique, equipment . Particular emphasis will be placed on direct, laboratory-based training. They will follow formal training courses in their specialized and related fields, and will be encouraged to attend a wide variety of other courses, colloquia and seminars. Work and training objectives will be clearly defined at the outset and regularly reviewed. The early stage trainees will be integrated in a multidisciplinary, international environment and will acquire transferable skills, which are highly valued also outside acade mia. The trainees will work in an international environment with close contacts to other laboratories. The opportunities provided by the EST scheme will allow more young researchers to be hosted, will extend CERN's training programmes to non-EU nationals, and enlarge the number of disciplines that can be funded.

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Funding Scheme

EST - Marie Curie actions-Early-stage Training


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