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PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project


Interim progress report: staff and established project structure

Staffing established project structure and successful project initiation

Interim PRACE Training Report

Report on all training events in the first year of PRACE6IP

Communication and Outreach Update Plan

A detailed plan for the dissemination and outreach activities in PRACE6IP

Interim report on the PRACE Operational Services

Interim report on the first year of operational services of the PRACE infrastructure and the collaboration on support for EuroHPC Petascale systems

Formal funding decision on projects

Selection Process MB decision official project kickoff

Interim progress report: Public Prototype software release and development infrastructure (SSC feedback)

Report linking to first public prerelease of the software and associated development infrastructure which is provided to the SSC for feedback

PRACE's strategic, scientific and industrial impact within the European HPC Ecosystem

Report on PRACE impact assessment methodologies and status of KPIs

Periodic Report on Results from Projects Supported by Applications Enabling and Porting Services

Interim report on the applications enabling services for Preparatory Access and Industry including SHAPE on the DECI applications porting service and on the work enhancing the HLSTs

PRACE role in the European HPC strategy and implementation

First report on the PRACE strategy and implementation

Communication and Outreach Report Year 1

Report on completed dissemination and outreach activities in 20192020 and updated dissemination plan for 20202021

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Best Practice Guide Modern Processors

Author(s): Ole Widar Saastad, University of Oslo, Norway Kristina Kapanova, NCSA, Bulgaria Stoyan Markov, NCSA, Bulgaria Cristian Morales, BSC, Spain Anastasiia Shamakina, HLRS, Germany Nick Johnson, EPCC, United Kingdom Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Sebastien Varrette, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Hayk Shoukourian (Editor), LRZ, Germany
Published in: 2020
Publisher: PRACE aisbl

Best Practice Guide - Applicationporting and code-optimizationactivities for European HPC systems

Author(s): Sebastian Lührs, JSC, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, GermanyBjörn Dick, HLRS, GermanyChris Johnson, EPCC, United KingdomLuca Marsella, CSCS, SwitzerlandGerald Mathias, LRZ, GermanyCristian Morales, BSC, SpainLilit Axner, KTH, SwedenAnastasiia Shamakina, HLRS, GermanyHayk Shoukourian, LRZ, Germany
Published in: 2020
Publisher: PRACE aisbl