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BioExcel Centre of Excellence for ComputationalBiomolecular Research


Quality assurance and risk management plan

This deliverable will discuss the overall quality monitoring process for the project (such as deliverables and milestone completion, KPIs) and the overall risk management strategy. The risks will be regularly assessed in the mandatory management reports.

Business Model design report

Detailed BioExcel Business Model for taking the project into a sustainability phase

Work Plans for UCs

This deliverable will contain the detailed workplans for the use cases

Branding and Quality Mark Design Inception Report

An initial document setting the vision for the CoE brand as a European Centre promoting quality

Annotated and justified Service Catalogue

A first list of exploitable assets identified

Dissemination and outreach plan

This document will outline the overall plan for dissemination and outreach activities of the CoE

State-of-the-art and Initial Roadmap

This deliverable will summarise and describe the new technologies, methods and tools identified and collected to be used in the project workflows. From these, an initial roadmap will be proposed.

Use Case Progress Report

An update on the progress of the use cases

Progress report and update on training and dissemination plan

This document will report on the status and outcome of the dissemination/outreach activities and the training programme. Additionally, it will present updated plans for the second half of the project.

First release of workflow-ready building blocks library

This deliverable will describe the design and development of the first release of the building blocks library.

Training Plan

This document will include a report of the updated competency profile, an evaluation of the virtual training pilots, and outline of the BioExcel Training programme.

First release of demonstration workflows

This deliverable will cover the first release of demonstration workflows. It will include an update of the initial roadmap.

Project release of core applications

Public release of all current code development within the project, with accompanying documentation, tests, benchmarks, and benchmark reports.

Data Management Plan

The data management plan for the use cases

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