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Transition with Resilience for Evolutionary Development


Data Management Plan (DMP)

According with the Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020, the data management plan will be organised, following the template, in 5 components: 1.Data summary; 2. Fair Data; 3 Allocation od resources; 4. Data Security; 5. Ethical aspects.

"First Scientific Report ""Evolutionary economics and Regional Resilience"""

The Scientific report contains the first result coming from the International Workshop and includes a preliminary set of indicators for analysing the case studies; a building block for research operational tools and selection of the case studies

Second Scientific report - Symposium Proceedings

The Symposium Proceedings will collect the selected papers accepted under peer review and presented during the 4th Edition of Metropolitan Perspectives Symposium.


Construction of the TREND Web-platform, suitable to be used as knowledge sharing means by all participants (Consortium) and as communication tool (Public) for the larger community of interested stakeholders.

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