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Performance Optimisation and Productivity 2


Plan for targeting SMEs

This deliverable will build on the work done in POP1 and will identify the targeted strategy that will be used in the project to identify and attract SMEs to become POP users.

First Report on Proof-of-Concept

This deliverable will contain a description of the proof-of-concept work during the first half of the project, including a public version of the reports and a summary of the findings and recommendations to the customers. It will also include recommendations for tool developers and programming model standardization bodies that may arise from the studies as well as recommendations from mock-up tests which should be used within the training activities.

Customer Feedback Methodology

Updated customer feedback measurement methodology.

First POP dissemination and training report

This report will summarize the dissemination, cooperation and training activities and events for the first 18 months of the project.

First report on methodology development and tool improvement

Report with two sections: one on the extensions made to the methodology used in the performance assessment, and one on the improvements made to the tools.

Plan for targeting CoEs

This deliverable will set out our strategy for building and maintaining collaborations with the other Centres of Excellence alongside the CSA.

Customer Feedback Measurement

This deliverable will summarize the findings of the Customer Advocate during the first 18 months of the project. It will also include the actual suggestions made to the internal Operational Management meetings of the projects, the actions carried-out to follow-up the POP customers, the Customer Advocate impression of whether and how such suggestions did influence the actual operation.

First Business Development and Sustainability Review

This deliverable will update and review our progress in business development for the first half of the project. Including key events, markets targeted, SME conversion, CoE collaboration and progress on the KPIs. This data will then be used to map out the business development plan for the rest of the project. This deliverable will also review our approach to sustainability in light of the improvements made in the project.

Co-design repository structure

The deliverable will be a prototype of the repository structure.

First Report on Analysis

This deliverable will contain a description and statistics of the cases analysed during the first half of the project, including a public version of the reports and a summary the findings and recommendations to the customers. It will also include recommendations for tool developers that may arise from the studies.

First co-design repository

The deliverable will be the POP repository filled with global data gathered from POP1 and POP2 reports till month 18 including detailed statistics on the relevance of the different efficiency factors in the POP methodology. It will also include a first set of 8 microbenchmarks characterizing behaviours found in real applications.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

Analysis of the main elements of the data management policy with regard to all the datasets generated by the project. The DMP will include a table specifying how the data will be exploited, shared for verification and re- use. In case the table cannot be provided a justification will be provided.

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