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Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure Sustainability and Enhancement


Project communication plan

Project’s communication plan document (E-A ERIC)

Deep float experiment design

Deep float experiment design. This report will include the design of where the deep Argo floats will be deployed and the configuration of the technical parameters of the floats, and the complementary observations to be done (IFREMER, IEO, NOC).

1st user workshop report

1st User Workshop report (E-A ERIC)

Kick-Off meeting report

Kick-Off meeting report

Design of a comparative study on DMQC methods used for deep Argo

Design of a comparative study on DMQC methods used for deep Argo. This report will review the existing DMQC methods, its initial appropriateness to be used in the deep Argo extension, what method each partner will use, and the floats to the evaluated (NOC, IEO, IFREMER, OGS).

1st General Assembly report

1st General Assembly report

Euro-Argo RISE web site

Website (E-A ERIC). The project’s website will be integrated in the Euro-Argo ERIC website ( to highlight that Euro-Argo RISE is a project that contributes to the development of the Euro-Argo research infrastructure (presentation of the project and regular publication of news).

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