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Design-driven Open Innovation Challenge for 200 SMEs


Dissemination and exploitation plan

On the basis of clearly stated goals and objectives, the deliverable will include a list of actions (including guidelines for execution) that each PP and the consortium as a whole will have to perform in order to maximize further use and exploitation of project results beyond the project consortia and the project duration.

Partner’s Handbook to the Experimental Scheme

This Handbook will feature full indications on how to set up and execute the pilot initiative. The Handbook will be available to innovation agencies willing to experiment the scheme before its evaluation (e.g. those willing to act as early adopters) and disseminated for external use and uptake starting M5. This deliverable will be subject to dissemination.

Project communication plan

The plan will identify targeted audiences, set clear communication objectives, select pertinent messages and sources to disseminate them, select appropriate formats, include full requirements and design sketches of touchpoints and other medias and contents, and plan and schedule all communication actions of the project.

Research plan for pilot scheme impact evaluation

The plan will include a detailed description of the RCT study design, and will feature all guidance for PPs to outreach, select and engage 200 SMEs in the experimental execution of the pilot. This deliverable will be subject to dissemination.

Projects' website and other touchpoints

It will include creating visual identity guidelines, logos and templates to be utilized by Project Partners (PPs). The deliverable will link to the project website and social media channels, including guidelines for correct utilization by PPs.

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