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RENewAble Integration and SuStainAbility iN energy CommunitiEs


KPI definition and selection

The objective of this deliverable is to identify and define meaningful KPIs (technical, environmental impact, economic and social).

Output data framework

This deliverable consists on the collection of the data for each of the pilots, stakeholder requirements, expectations, a list of assets already available at the site, a list of potential envisaged components and systems and the KPIS for each site. The definition of the architecture of the data exchanges, specifying formats, standards and frequency of measurement data will also be introduced.

Requirements, expectations and objectives for each demo site

The objective of this deliverable is to collect both technical and socio-economic data from the demo sites defined as requirements, expectations and objectives for each demo site.

Benchmarked business case report

A compilation of different financial business models and recommendations on feasible business models for the RENAISSANCE demonstrator sites will be explained.

RENAISSANCE communication materials

D7.3 will provide and overview of the communication materials that will be developed during the life cycle of the project.

RENAISSANCE visual identity, web site and social media

D7.1 is linked to task 7.1 and 7.2 and will report on the communication strategy and the resulting branding that was created in terms of visual identity (logo, templates), the launch of the website and social media channels.

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