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Renewable Energy for self-sustAinable island CommuniTies


REACT website and baseline communication material

Project webpage and social networks are created. Additionally, it will include a yearly project newsletter, a poster and a brochure.

REACT deployment plan

Deployment plan with monitoring framework for baselining.

RES potential assessment at pilot sites

Feasibility assessment of the RES potential for the pilots accounting for technical, economic, environmental and legislative criteria

RES/storage enabled infrastructure planning

Assessment of the RES/storage infrastructure deployment possibilities in the pilot sites including planning and evaluation KPIs

REACT user engagement strategy

Report detailing the processes and strategies for user engagement and retention in pilot sites including monitoring, selection, rewards methods, feedback, etc.

Overview of related case studies and DR programmes

This report, linked to Task 1.2, will identify worldwide best practices on DR business models and technical specifications for REACT baseline.

REACT system reference architecture

Report describing the platform architecture, APIs, web-services framework, services integration, etc.

Criteria and framework for user recruitment and engagement

Report on the framework criteria to be used for un-biased recruiting of users in the pilot sites.

Dissemination and communication plan

Baseline for REACT’s communication, and exploitation-oriented dissemination activities. An update will be included in each periodic reporting period

Techno-economic impact assessment

RES/storage options techno-economic assessment

Environmental impact assessment

MCDA-based ranking DSS and best configurations for pilot deployment.

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