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Large scale campaigns to demonstrate how TSO-DSO shall act in a coordinated manner to procure grid services in the most reliable and efficient way


D7.5 Data Management Plan (annual updates foreseen)

This deliverable will Manage the Data. Data Management Plan is a structural activity that identifies the data that should be the subject of dissemination and exploitation activities. This deliverable will include, Publications and Repository of demo data. This deliverable is linked to task 7.5

D7.3.1-3 Stakeholder Forum Report: Three successive versions (annual update) on proceedings of the workshops and other activities carried out within the year (D7.3.1, M12, D7.3.2, M24, D7.3.3, M42)

These three deliverables will be annual reports on the activities of the Stakeholder Forum (SF) in this project. The first one (7.3.1) will be delivered on M18 and report on the establishment and first six month of activities of the SF. The second (7.3.2) and third ones (7.3.3) will be delivered respectively on M30 and M42 and report on the activities of the two last years of activities of the SF. These deliverables are linked to task 7.3.

D5.2 Report on Software Development Activities

This deliverable will provide a simulation-based evaluation of the missing links - which could not be tested in the demonstrators - in the identified relevant combinations of products for grid services and coordination scheme(s) in terms of economic and technical KPIs and will thus complement the evaluation provided within D6.1. It is linked to task 6.2.

D4.5 Report on Lessons learned, bug fixes and adjustments in products and routines

This deliverable will report on lessons learned, bug fixes and adjustments in products and routines in the test demonstration that will be used in large-scale demonstration. This is linked to T4.5.

D7.1.2 Project website publicly available, intranet operational

This deliverable consists in creating the project website, specifying the public and private interfaces, access to the different deliverables and presentations, management of internal and external communication channels, among other functionalities.

D7.2.1 Agreement on a common position paper with related projects in the same call

This deliverable aims to provide an agreement between the CoordiNET project and the other project selected in the same call topic, namely the INTERRFACE project, on complementarity to develop and potential overlap to avoid in the conduct of the two projects. This deliverable will pave the way for D7.2.2 and D7.2.3. It is linked to task 7.2.

D1.2 User and Customer-engagement plan: validated plan for users' recruitment and operation of the cascading funds

This deliverable will provide the main guidelines for the Demonstration Leaders to recruit end used as well to distribute cascading funds.

D1.5 Business use case : Business use case definition

The deliverable includes description of Business Use Cases for each Demonstration site according to the selected coordination scheme. The description will be based on the IEC 92559 standard.

D1.3 scenarios and products:Definition of scenarios and products for the demonstration campaigns

This deliverable will provide a detailed description of the coordination schemes and the standardised products that will be tested in the demonstration sites.

D1.4 DER characteristics for the transaction model alternatives: definition of the main characteristics of the best DER candidates for market products to be tested

This deliverable will list the main technical characteristics of DER related to be considered in the development of services and products of CoordiNET

D5.1 Demonstration Plan

The demonstration plan includes all the necessary details for the development and deployment of the solutions, the user engagement plan and the evaluation plan. More specific it includes 4 section: - Overview of Demo, Architecture Definition and Objectives Definitions - Detailed Demonstration Plan - User Engagement Plan, Privacy Monitoring and Crisis - Evaluation Plan

D1.6 List of KPIs: KPI and process of measures

The deliverable will list the Key Performance indicators for each demo site following the EEGI methodology. The evaluation will cover technical, environmental and economic aspects.

D8.5 Protection of Personal Data

D8.5 – Protections of Personal Data This deliverable will be defined for the Protection of Personal Data of all the members of the consortium that form the CoordiNet Project

D7.6 Connection with Bridge duties

This deliverable will collect the main points of the periodic meetings during the project. The objective of these coordination meetings (also called BRIDGE Initiative) is to gather information from other EU projects on the Smart Grid demonstration. This deliverable is linked to task 7.6

D1.1 Market and regulatory Analysis: Analysis of current market and regulatory framework in the involved areas

This deliverable will describe the current markets mechanisms and regulatory framework of the different areas involved in the project at both national level as well as the European-wide initiatives, including proposals and new legislation: Clean Energy Package, Network Codes, and Regional Initiatives. Furthermore, this deliverable will contrast the state-of the art proposals to improve the status-quo in the collaboration between TSOs and DSOs. This deliverable will be link with other tasks, mainly T.1.3 and T2.1.

D3.1 Report on functionalities and services

This deliverable will describe the technical specification of the Spanish demos to evaluate the different coordination schemes, including the services that will be tested, the software and hardware functionalities, control and communication requirements. Furthermore, it will include the network specificities and tasks that will be carried out by TSOs and DSOs. Finally, it will specific the KPIs and case studies for the different locations and services. This deliverable is linked with the rest of tasks of WP3

D4.4 Finalized demo run: small scale, in order to test functionality of SW and HW and products and routines

This deliverable presents results from the first demo run about functionality, products, customer recruitment, software and hardware performance. This is linked to T 4.4

D5.3 Report on Hardware Deployment Activities

This report includes a description of the activities related to the hardware deployment including problems in the installations and their corrective actions.

D7.1.1 Communication, dissemination and exploitation plan (D7.1a, b, c at M12, 24, 36)

This deliverable will present the communication and dissemination plan, including the creation of a project website and social media announcements, detailed list of conferences and scientific publications where the different activities are expected to present the most relevant results. Target groups workshop and stakeholders meetings will be key to put forward the main results. This deliverable sets the communication strategies for the whole project. A preliminary individual exploitation plan will be included.

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