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Fostering research excellence in EU Outermost Regions


Visual identity and promotional material

Logo, project brochure, roll-up, and diverse templates will be produced at the beginning of the project to ensure it will be linked to a well-defined visual identity.

Project website and online platform

The project website will be released at M6 while the launch of the online platform will be foreseen at M10 to allow information sharing, collaboration and networking at OR, EU and international level.

Brand for OR research

A brand for OR research will be created, and it will appear in some of the communication material of the project, the partners and, if applicable, their stakeholders.

Thematic working groups and thematic action plans methodology

For each thematic working group, the list of members, the management, the sub–coordinator will be specified, as well as the scope of the thematic that will be tackled. A common methodology as a reference for the work of thematic working groups for the definition of the thematic action plans will be produced after the first transnational meeting of the sub-coordinators of the thematic working groups.

Common training programme for OR’s R&I actors

A common training programme for ORs’ R&I actors will be developed to provide a common basis for the implementation of capacity building activities for R&I actors in the 9 regions.

Nine regional diagnostics and joint strategy for OR R&I ecosystem performance

On one side, this report will describe the main results of the top-down mapping of OR’s R&I ecosystems and the analysis emerged from the administration of survey questionnaires and from the conduction of workshops and interviews in partner organisations. The report will also include the methodological framework for the analysis of OR’s R&I ecosystems adopted by the partners for carrying out the analysis of the ecosystems at OR level. On the other side, the report will contain the joint strategy for OR R&I ecosystem performance. This joint strategy for OR R&I ecosystem performance will be updated by the outputs of the five operational WPs’ achievements afterwards and it will be revised at M34.

Capacity building plan

A Capacity Building Plan to define the capacity building actions to be implemented under WP4 will be drafted.

Common monitoring and evaluation system and database of monitoring indicators

A common database of indicators will be provided in this deliverable, allowing OR to constantly and effectively monitored their progress during the implementation of the strategies co-created under WP2. In order to ensure a smooth monitoring process, organizations will be provided with guidelines developed by WP6 leader. These guidelines will ensure that OR will be able to collect from the beginning all the necessary data to perform a comprehensive monitoring.

Common training programme for OR’s R&I officers

A common training programme for ORs’ R&I officers will be developed to provide a common basis for the training of ORs’ Officer teams to develop the services expected from the ORs’ Officers.

Report of the mutual learning event

A report of the mutual learning event organized in Brussels will be drafted including the name of attendants, the agenda of the event and the main conclusions. The report will serve as basis for recommendations for task 2.5.

Thematic action plans

Each thematic working group will draft a report of the thematic action plan they will defined. All reports will be included in D3.3, together with overall guidelines for implementation.

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