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The Platform for Sharing, Initiating, and Learning Citizen Science in Europe


TGM gaps and opportunities analysis

This deliverable will provide a description of gaps in TGMs which have been identified through the methodology described in Task 33

Evaluation & Impact Framework

This deliverable describes the evaluation and impact assessment framework, including the foreseen methods and tools to assess the various project activities. It will also include a set of potential indicators and report on the first evaluation activities. Finally, the report will include a matching of the project indicators with relevant MORRI and SDG indicators.

Guidelines and recommendations based on a range of best practices for achieving societal and policy-maker engagement

These guidelines will explain the processes of (1) implementing the EU-Citizen.Science framework through already ongoing local activities and events and (2) achieving societal and policy-maker engagement within this framework. These guidelines will also provide instructions on how to start a new citizen science initiative and will be made available on the project platform.

Report on the project's communication and dissemination activities

This report will provide an overview of all project dissemination activities and impact achieved

Review of framework implementation, defined in D3.1

A reviewed and updated version of Deliverable 31

Multi-level platform Engagement & Community Building Plan

Based on the stakeholder analysis, this Deliverable will focus on how to best address the interests and needs of the stakeholders involved, how to plan ‘user journeys’ mapped for UI design considerations, and how to set up an effective community building plan for the platform management.

Platform Functionality Requirements & Specifications Report

This Deliverable describes the outcomes of the needs-gathering exercise, therefore identifying the platform features and functionality required by future end users.

Report on the outcomes of the case study for the implementation of policy recommendations for citizen science

MINECO will provide a description of outcomes of the adoption of citizen science roadmaps and related impact

Report on trainings

This deliverable will cover the development methodology of the modules that will be developed and delivered during the project including report on their evaluation and recommendation for future development of training in the field of citizen science

Final Impact Assessment Report

This report present a full summary of evaluation results of the project and the validation of the overall impact on scientific social ecological and political level in accordance with MORRI and SDG indicators The document will also reflect on possible implications for future activities of the community beyond the funding period This will include a set of guidelines and instruments for impact assessment in the future

Report on training needs

This deliverable is based on Task 5.1, and identifies what are the training needs that were identified through the literature and through the stakeholders analysis in Task 2.2. The analysis will review the outcomes from previous studies about the learning in citizen science projects and the necessary training to support it.

Interim Impact Assessment Report

The interim impact assessment report discusses the evaluation activities until year 2 and presents an analysis of the corresponding results The report will include an indepth analysis and mapping across activities defined indicators and project performance This report will also inform other WPs and the management on possible implications for the final project period

Stakeholders, Network & Community Mapping Report

Stakeholder mapping of the key actors and interested parties whose support and involvement will ensure the success of the platform, based on a systematic review of individuals and organisations who take part in citizen science activities.

Design of training activities and materials

This deliverable will include a detailed typology of training material that is available to different stakeholders and user groups in the field of citizen science identifying needs priorities and gaps It will also catalogue the existing material that is currently available in different areas of citizen science and the main thematic organisation that will be used in the platform It will provide instructions and protocols for building new training modules to be integrated into the platform for external stakeholders

Report on policy-maker engagement and awareness-raising activities

Policy-makers will be engaged in activities at events co-organised by the project partners and through the global portal. This will be expected to result in increased awareness and understanding from citizens, policy makers, commercial companies and not for profit – philanthropic organisations. Existing citizen-science networks and projects’ events will be used as awareness-raising multipliers. On an annual basis, at M12, M24 and M36, the report will be updated to include information (title, date, location, content) on significant events (conferences, seminars, workshops) which will be organised by EU-Citizen.Science.

EU-Citizen.Science Sustainability Plan

Report on the longterm sustainability plans for the platform focused on how the continued selfsustaining support of the platform will take place

Framework report, describing criteria and rationale for sharing and selecting state of the art Citizen Science TGMs

This report will provide criteria and actions for defining and sharing of state of the art TGMs in citizen science in Europe. A draft version will be ready by M9, to be shared and discussed with partners at the first project meeting (M9). The final version will be concluded by M12 and it will include feedback collected during the first project meeting.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) will include data collection, data access and policies, data preservation and curation. Compliance with Regulation (EU)2016/679 on personal data will also be guaranteed, together with national laws.

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Deliverable D7.2 Interim Impact Assessment Report

Author(s): Schaefer, Teresa, & Kieslinger, Barbara
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Zenodo, OpenAire
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4326638

Deliverable 5.3: Report on trainings

Author(s): Sheppard, Alice, Herrera, Abril, & Haklay, Muki.
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Zenodo, OpenAire
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5820263

Deliverable D7.3 Final Impact Assessment Report

Author(s): Schaefer, Teresa, Kieslinger, Barbara, & Fabian, Magdalena
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Zenodo, OpenAire
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5820341

Citizen Science for Policy Across Europe

Author(s): Radicchi, Antonella, Fabó Cartas, Claudia, Sanz, Francisco, & Camacho, Pablo
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Zenodo, OpenAire
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5820364

D2.2: Engagement and community- building plan

Author(s): Margaret Gold, Marzia Mazzonetto, Tim Woods
Published in: 2019
Publisher: d
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3466417

Deliverable 1.1: Data Management Plan

Author(s): Katherin Wagenknecht
Published in: 2019
Publisher: dd
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3478350

D2.1: Stakeholders, Network & Community Mapping Report

Author(s): Margaret Gold, Tim Woods
Published in: 2019
Publisher: d
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3465726

Deliverable 7.1. Evaluation & Impact Framework

Author(s): Teresa Schäfer, Barbara Kieslinger
Published in: 2019
Publisher: d
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3529269

Deliverable 4.1: Guidelines and Recommendations Based on a Range of Best Practices for Achieving Societal and Policy-Maker Engagement

Author(s): Mollie Latham; Luigi Ceccaroni
Published in: 2020
Publisher: EU-Citizen.Science
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3690772

Deliverable 4.2: Report on Policy Maker Engagement and Awareness-Raising

Author(s): Mollie Latham; Luigi Ceccaroni
Published in: 2020
Publisher: EU-Citizen.Science
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3690779

Deliverable 5.1: Report in training needs

Author(s): Christian Nold; Alice Sheppard; Joseph Roche; Laura Bell
Published in: 2020
Publisher: EU-Citizen.Science
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3690768

Framework Report Describing Criteria and Rationale for Sharing and Selecting State of the art Citizen Science Resources

Author(s): Fraisl, Dilek; Hager, Gerid; See, Linda
Published in: 2020
Publisher: EU-Citizen.Science
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3716236

D2.3: Platform Functionality Requirements & Specification Report

Author(s): Sanz, Francisco; Gold, Margaret; Mazzonetto, Marzia
Published in: 2019
Publisher: EU-Citizen.Science
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3612808

Deliverable 6.2 Report on the project's communication and dissemination activities

Author(s): Steigleder, Lucie.
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Zenodo, OpenAire
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5820296

A question of dialogue? Reflections on how citizen science can enhance communication between science and society

Author(s): Wagenknecht, Katherin; Woods, Tim; Nold, Christian; Rüfenacht, Simone; Voigt-Heucke, Silke; Caplan, Anne; Hecker, Susanne and Vohland, Katrin
Published in: Journal of Science Communication, 2021, ISSN 1824-2049
Publisher: Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA)
DOI: 10.22323/2.20030213

Opinion: Toward an international definition of citizen science

Author(s): Florian Heigl, Barbara Kieslinger, Katharina T. Paul, Julia Uhlik, Daniel Dörler
Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116/17, 2019, Page(s) 8089-8092, ISSN 0027-8424
Publisher: National Academy of Sciences
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1903393116

Citclops: A next-generation sensor system for the monitoring of natural waters and a citizens' observatory for the assessment of ecosystems’ status

Author(s): Luigi Ceccaroni, Jaume Piera, Marcel R. Wernand, Oliver Zielinski, Julia A. Busch, Hendrik Jan Van Der Woerd, Raul Bardaji, Anna Friedrichs, Stéfani Novoa, Peter Thijsse, Filip Velickovski, Meinte Blaas, Karin Dubsky
Published in: PLOS ONE, 15/3, 2020, Page(s) e0230084, ISSN 1932-6203
Publisher: Public Library of Science
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0230084