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Gender Equality Academy


Dissemination, communication and stakeholders’ engagement activities progress report version 1

It will report the activities during the first period of the project. An updated list of the project’s significant events will be included.

Project Management Handbook

It will contain the main aspects related to the Quality Management of the project and the risk management process. It will contain specific guidelines for internal and external communication and coordination with stakeholders

Guidelines for promoting capacity building on GE in research

Guidelines with suggestions and examples when promoting GE capacity-building actions towards relevant target groups.

State-of-play map on GE in research capacity-building

This report will contain a mapping of the training and learning activities (methodologies, syllabi, formats, audiences, evaluation methods and indicators) on Gender in Research and Innovation (T1.1). It will also incorporate findings from T1.4 on innovative training approaches and techniques.

Dissemination, communication and stakeholders’ engagement Strategy

This report will include the strategy of the project and internal guidelines. It will also include a first list of significant events (conferences, seminars, workshops) which are planned to be organised, with detailed information like: title, date, location and content.

Inventory of key resources

Pool of topical knowledge and key resources on gender in research.

Data management and ethics plan

This report will present the project data management strategy and ethics approach and will be harmonised with the ethics requirements WP.