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Career Advancement for Refugee Researchers in Europe

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CARe (Career Advancement for Refugee Researchers in Europe)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2019-09-30

The CARe project (Career Advancement for Refugee Researchers in Europe) is a 22-month project that aims to support the labour market integration of refugee researchers through coordinated and tailored provision of information needed for their entry and integration in R&D market. CARe focuses on 10 European countries, selected on the basis of the numbers of asylum seekers, the absorption capacity of the R&D labour market and proven political will to support the labour market integration of refugee researchers (namely, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands).
The main aims of the project are to be achieved through a set of research and dissemination activities that will on the one hand, provide country-specific information on the labour market conditions and requirements based on the real needs of the main target group, and on the other, provide Europe-wide platforms for results dissemination and exploitation on a much larger scale. Through comprehensive stakeholder mapping, data collection via focus groups and employment surveys, consultation with EURAXESS centres and Scholars at Risk sections, the project will result in specific templates and country guides (containing all the relevant information) and will all together be uploaded on the EURAXESS platform for further dissemination and exploitation.
CARe provides a multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach to ensure needs-based guidance and provision of relevant information on the employment requirements and opportunities in the residence countries of the target group, and by ensuring coordinated dissemination of project results to the stakeholder networks in the project and the wider community in Europe.
Specific objectives
1. Provide country-specific and needs-based information on employment opportunities for refugee researchers across different market sectors in the 10 selected countries
2. Ensure targeted dissemination of relevant and up to date information to the TG on available employment opportunities in Europe and the country of their residence
3. Provide a one-stop shop for relevant information and ensure the visibility of the information sources through dissemination via the main information and support networks (EURAXESS, SAR)
4. Contribute to the EURAXESS initiative/work in supporting refugee researchers in a coordinated and consistent manner across the European countries (involved in the project) as an incentive/pilot for other countries
5. Link refugee researchers with employers in respective countries (match making)
By bringing the important actors together and systematising the information they have and is needed for well-informed guidance of refugee researchers, this project will ensure coordinated support in refugee integration and more benefits for the research landscape in the specific countries, with a strong potential to multiply the practice on a wider scale. We are aware of the existing challenges to reaching different employer groups. Therefore, we dedicate sufficient resources for exploring different approaches for more effectiveness – survey, employer associations, existing networks of partners, networks of ACA members, and networks of SAR and EURAXESS – and creation of synergies between the different groups.
Main results Jan-Sept 2019
In the period January-September 2019, the following results have been achieved:
- Development of the first version of the stakeholder database. The database currently contains 344 relevant contact points at European and national levels. It is being updated upon need and the final version is due on 31 May 2020.

- Six focus groups took place and the remaining three scheduled for the period October-December 2019. The preparations for the focus groups entailed the development and circulation of invitations for participation, guidelines for the moderators and instructions regarding financial management, task division and reporting from the focus groups.

- The preparations for the employer survey started and the design planned between October and December 2019. The preparation for the dissemination of the survey will entail sending out test surveys to a group of employers and the advisory board, and two rounds of revisions.
In the reporting period, the first draft of the stakeholder database and 6 focus groups were delivered. In the remaining period of project implementation, four focus groups will have taken place, the template will be developed and the resulting country guides, leading to a set of 11 webinars (1 European-level and 10 country-specific). The consortium is working on enhancing cooperation with EURAXESS centres in the target countries (many are already involved in the focus groups) and cooperation with SAR sections is fruitful as already in the GREET project.
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