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User-Facing WeVerify Tools v1

This will be the first release of the professional-oriented WeVerify workbench by ATC, coupled with the design and functional specification of the citizen-oriented digital companion by USFD. This will be tested in the first round of pilot activities.

Cross-modal verification tools - v1

his will be the first release of the verification framework, including the definition of the necessary APIs, and first versions of the individual services. The prototype implementation will be accompanied by a report documenting the implemented approaches, their usage, and presenting evaluation results on existing benchmark datasets.

WeVerify Open Platform and Benchmark Evaluation v1.0

This software deliverable is the implementation of the WeVerify distributed verification platform and its accompanying software documentation. It consists of several key components, developed in WPs 4, 5, and 6, as well as the content ingestion tools developed in T4.1. In addition, the deliverable will have an accompanying report, detailing results from scalability, throughput, and robustness evaluations. Version 1.0 will be released early in the project and will contain the software tools for collecting content from the sources detailed in T4.1. Since data collection underpins all technical and use case WPs, it is essential to address it early in the project.

WeVerify Use Case Analysis Report

This report will describe the different settings where the platform is foreseen to be used and provide concrete user stories and scenarios.

Disinformation Flow Analysis: Tools and Methodology v.1

This will be the first release of the disinformation flow analysis framework to perform network-based disinformation flow analysis, following the work package objectives. We will also define mapping and visualisation objectives of this methodology and relate these to best practice in content verification and misinformation flow analysis.

WeVerify Architecture Definition

This report will define the architecture and its APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), design decisions, evaluation and unit testing, release schedule, and deployment targets.

Project Website and Initial Set of Promotional Materials

Launch of the project website and availability of first set of promotional materials.

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