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European Brain Research Area


Report on public awareness events

This report compiles the outcomes andor materials developed in the the context of the public awareness events

Final Report on clusters coordination activities

This report compiles all the undertaken coordination activities in the potential areas of focus networking exploitation of results and data sharing

European Research inventory and mapping report

A report summarizing the results of the mapping exercise

Shared European Brain Research Agenda

The Agenda includes recommendations on how to address research priorities in the short and longterm

Report on patient involvement best practice

The report will present the results of the mapping on the examples of patient involvement best practices and how these were implemented in EBRA

Project website

The website will be dedicated to presenting EBRA and will constitute a hub for the projects in the clusters enabling access to and increasing visibility of their achievements and publicly available deliverables and publications

Dissemination and communication Plan

The strategy will identify communication objectives at the level of the individual projects and the overall coordination and support action and identify the right tools audiences and activities to support these objectives

Report on the achievements in promoting the link with infrastructures

Report informed by the lessons learned through the interactions with infrastructure

Report on achievements in quality assurance

The Report will compile all the undertaken outreach activities and evaluate their impact and will report on all the tools developed to support these activities

Conclusions of activities with international institutions and initiatives

A document highlighting identified focal points on research interest and mutual understanding of future priorities at global level


Towards new nutritional policies for brain health: A research perspective on future actions

Author(s): Roger A. H. Adan, Francesca Cirulli, Louise Dye, Suzanne Higgs, Kristien Aarts, Eline M. van der Beek, Jan K. Buitelaar, Frédéric Destrebecq, Elke De Witte, Tobias Hartmann, Aniko Korosi, Lars Libuda, Suzanne L. Dickson
Published in: Brain Behavior and Immunity, 2022, ISSN 0889-1591
Publisher: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.bbi.2022.07.012

Ethical considerations for precision psychiatry: A roadmap for research and clinical practice

Author(s): Paolo Fusar-Poli, Mirko Manchia, Nikolaos Koutsouleris, David Leslie, Christiane Woopen, Monica E. Calkins, Michael Dunn, Christophe Le Tourneau, Miia Mannikko, Tineke Mollema, Dominic Oliver, Marcella Rietschel, Eva Z. Reininghaus, Alessio Squassina, Lucia Valmaggia, Lars Vedel Kessing, Eduard Vieta, Christoph U. Correll, Celso Arango, Ole A. Andreassen
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/j.euroneuro.2022.08.001

Future of the aging brain: Bridging the gap between research and policy

Author(s): Monica Di Luca, Frédéric Destrebecq, Stephanie Kramer
Published in: 2021
Publisher: ELSEVIER
DOI: 10.1016/j.nbas.2020.100002

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