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Political violence in comparative perspective: A system dynamics approach to violent conflicts


As a general objective, this project aims to the development of a theoretical framework to analyze and model, from the perspective of System Dynamics and its relation to Peace Studies, situations and conditions of intractability related to both political violence and deep-rooted violent conflicts. It intends to undertake a comparative study using two cases that involve political violence and violent conflict. Such a comparison will address that their internal dynamics of intractability pose to governance an d integration. The cases considered will be the Spanish Basque Country political violence (seen at times and by some as a sometimes overt, sometimes minor conflict), and the protracted, political violent conflict in Colombia. The understanding of violent conflicts and political violence conflicts as parasite systems functioning within societies, will address the question of how systemic the treatment of long, eluding-resolution disputes may be of use to conflict policies, both at the national and international levels. This, through the development of behavioural models of (state and non-state) agents involved in processes of political violence (seen here as relational systems within national systems).

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