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A Software Architecture for Extreme-ScaLe Big-Data AnalyticS in Fog CompuTIng ECosystems


Initial communication and dissemination report

Report of the communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer activities until month 8.

Use case requirement specification and definition

Identification of: (1) list of fea- tures and services needed by the use case and set of requirements on other WPs; (2) aspects to be addressed from the safety standards and open initiatives considered.

Impact on standards and open initiatives - First analysis

Evaluation of the impact of the ELASTIC technology on the considered safety standards and open initiatives.

Distributed data analytics platform requirements

Description of the data analytics re- quirements needed by the use-case (workloads, datasets, data streams, real-time, latency, throughput, etc.).

Refined requirements and integration plan

Refined interface and integration plan.

Intermediate communication and dissemination report

Communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer activities until month 18, including the list of the open communities and development environments in which ELASTIC results will be disseminate.

Software architecture requirements and integration plan

Identification of requirements, software components and tools, definition of a common interface and detailed integration plan.

General requirements of the fog architecture

Description of the fog computing architec- ture (including edge and cloud components) upon which ELASTIC research will be conducted.

Non-functional properties analysis and constraints specification

Analysis of the nonfunctional system properties and technical constrains imposed in the ELASTIC software architecture.

Data Management Plan

Analysis of the main elements of the data management policy with regard to all the datasets generated. The DMP will include a table specifying how the data will be exploited, shared for verification and re-use. In case the table cannot be provided a justification will be provided.

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