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Wearable Electronics for Effective Lung Monitoring


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An open access database for the evaluation of respiratory sound classification algorithms

Author(s): Bruno M Rocha, Dimitris Filos, Luís Mendes, Gorkem Serbes, Sezer Ulukaya, Yasemin P Kahya, Nikša Jakovljevic, Tatjana L Turukalo, Ioannis M Vogiatzis, Eleni Perantoni, Evangelos Kaimakamis, Pantelis Natsiavas, Ana Oliveira, Cristina Jácome, Alda Marques, Nicos Maglaveras, Rui Pedro Paiva, Ioanna Chouvarda, Paulo de Carvalho
Published in: Physiological Measurement, Issue 40/3, 2019, Page(s) 035001, ISSN 1361-6579
DOI: 10.1088/1361-6579/ab03ea

Multimodal remote chest monitoring system with wearable sensors: a validation study in healthy subjects

Author(s): Inéz Frerichs, Barbara Vogt, Josias Wacker, Rita Paradiso, Fabian Braun, Michael Rapin, Laura Caldani, Olivier Chételat, Norbert Weiler
Published in: Physiological Measurement, Issue 41/1, 2020, Page(s) 015006, ISSN 1361-6579
DOI: 10.1088/1361-6579/ab668f

Feature Engineering for the Detection and Classification of Respiratory Sounds.

Author(s): Rui P. Paiva, B.M. Rocha, C. Teixeira, J. Henriques, P. Carvalho
Published in: MEDICON 2019, 2019

Personalized decision support for remote COPD patient monitoring (Abstract)

Author(s): V. Kilintzis, N. Beredimas, I. Chouvarda, E. Perantoni, E. Kaimakamis, N. Maglaveras
Published in: MEDICON 2019, 2019

Wearable electrical impedance tomography for the detection of regional lung volumes and ventilation.

Author(s): I. Frerichs, J. Wacker, R. Paradiso, C. Strodthoff and O. Chetelat.
Published in: MEDICON 2019, 2019