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HELIOS: A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework


Define rewarding methodologies

Methodologies to reward users' activities in the social network.

Development of content-aware social graphs

Principles and practices to build content-aware social graphs

Final system architecture and API specification

System architecture specification, covering overall architecture and a basic set of HELIOS core API’s.

Validation operation plan

Procedures for a coordinated validation.

Heterogeneous Social Network Graph topology and lifecycle

Report of Heterogeneous Social Network graph studied (HSN)

Data Management Plan, M18 update

Data Management Plan, mid-term update.

Recruitment and Informed Consent Procedures, H2.1, H2.2

Including a) H2.1 The procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants and b) H2.2 Informed Consent Procedures will be designed for the participation of humans.

Dissemination Mid-Term Report

Dissemination plan, mid-term update

Integration strategy and planning

Strategy and roadmap for HELIOS system Integration.

Time-dependent Social Graph

Report of the usage of the HSN in a P2P fashion, comprising studies of a social network evolution, re presented through a time-dependent graph.

Data Management Plan, initial version

Data Management Plan, first version, including a) a description of the technical and organisational measures that will be implemented to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the research participants, its possible consequences and how their fundamental rights will be safeguarded, and b) explanation how the data subjects will be informed of any possible existence of the profiling.

Dissemination Plan

First version of the dissemination plan, elaborated and maintained throughout the whole project.

Mining the social graph

Introducing a time-dependent social network analysis; software for WP5 development.

Participating Open Research Data Pilot

Defining arrangements necessary to participate the Open Research Data Pilot.

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