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EURopean wide Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation


Prioritization and Test Case Learnings

Identification and prioritization in response to unmet need of most relevant (4) new integrated care models For all identified areas of PPI, a test case learning will be conducted running the full cross-border procurement process resulting not in a purchase but a learning report as input to finalize cross-border procurement guidance, the MEAT Value based PPI and to do the writing of PPI for SC1-HBC-20-2020

Mapping of Health Regions readiness for value based PPI and mechanisms of identification of unmet health and healthsystems needs

Reflection paper of common vision on cross-border value based PPI Overview list of National – Regional health authorities representatives for EURIPHI Identification of current process of identification of unmet need

Functionalities and technical prescriptions

A set of functionalities according to the earlier outputs of the project will be included along with an overview of what a PCP/PPI technical prescriptions on integrated care and infections management would be

Business case

The business case will encapsulate the potential benefits and costs structure of an eventual procurement to meet the needs in the topic addressed in infections and integrated care

User requirement specifications

User requirement specifications in which minimal and ideal requirements for diagnostic solutions associated with the clinical use cases as well as weight factors.

Impact assessment Analysis

A quantification of the status of build out of a structure and feasibility of use of cross-border Value Based PPI and willingness to jointly cooperate on PPI.

Cost of Care of infectious disease management for upper track respiratory infections and of integrated care delivery selected as test cases

Overview of model and info cost-efficient care delivery of in hospital antibiotic management in Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Overview of model and info on cost-efficient integrated care delivery

EURIPHI Health Regions

Synthesis of lessons learned, barriers, opportunities and unmet needs, EURIPHI health regions network survey responses and initial list of procurement demands Summary of integrated care delivery shortcomings for each relevant procurement demand

Guidance on Economic Most Advantageous procurement of Innovative Solutions

Final guidance for cross-border PPI compliant with member states laws Overview of possible procedures (eg. Competitive Dialogue) to run a procurement process by translation the EU guidance onto health care Description of practical qualitative and quantitative measure of a willingness to pay to assign a monetary value to criteria Compilation of current use value based contracting in practice

Final procurement demands

Final procurement demands to be used in the pre-tender dialogue on innovative solutions for infectious disease diagnostics


A description of a sustainable EURIPHI structure for the minimum period of implementation of the SC1-HCB-20-2020 Tenders.

Buyers group proposed model of governance

This deliverable will be the guidelines to organise the buyers group in an eventual PCP/PPI

Patient-centred assessment framework

An assessment framework aligned with MEAT awarding criteria will be detailed. It will put the patient at the centre of the approach by proposing measurements and indicators sufficiently sensitive to detect and enable the quantification of the value potentially gained

Communication tools

Project identity set, website, logo

Online platform of integrated care procurement cases

Online platform populated with case studies, good practices, papers, reports etc together with initial procurement demands Online platform enhanced to include the final procurement demands for Open Market Consultation


Excell tool with a Work file to enable a Value Based PPI process in practice for Innovatiive solution


A compilation of all supportive instrument to implement cross border value based PPI

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