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Secretariat of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling


Update of timeline of research policy inputs

Update timeline of research policy inputs as well as a list of actions to be undertaken.

Inventory of funding instruments

First set of factsheets that include information on the available funding for R&D in terms of accessibility and amount.

First set of RHC-ETIP expert information material

Each Horizontal Working Groups will deliver the first set of information material, according to its Work Programme.

Draft Communication Plan

Preparation of the first draft Communication Plan to launch the RHC-ETIP's communication activities. This will include the preparation of the first set of communication material for the RHC-ETIP.

First timeline of research policy inputs

Mapping of relevant policy and regulatory issues: Creation of a list of policy and regulatory issues that identifies those topics which can be of general interest to the heating and cooling sector. This list will be annually updated in order to take into account new developments.

Final strategy for engagement

Final document which takes stock of the results achieved by the implementation of the activities detailed in D34 and defines the final actions to be adopted to ensure that the additional stakeholders are fully included in the work of RHCETIP after the projects end

Final RHC-ETIP expert information material

A final set of RHCexpert information material will be produced by the Horizontal Working Groups

Final report on research policy achievements and next steps

Document summarizing the policy activities implemented during the contact and their achievements

Final report on communication activities

Report which summarises the communication activities performed during the contract This will also include a final set of RHCETIPs communication material

Update of RHC-ETIP expert information material

Each Horizontal Working Groups will produce an update of the expert information material, taking into account recent changes and redefined challenges.

Final document on the financing strategy for the RHC sector

Updated factsheets and recommendations

Organisation of first annual conference

Organisation of the first annual conference of the RHC-ETIP.

Updated RHC-ETIP website

Revamped RHC-ETIP website, including the feature related to the online projects’ database, to be developed together with EHPA.

Online projects' database

Finalisation of projects database with the relevant information and definition of next steps to ensure continuous inclusion of relevant information

Organisation of third annual conference

Organisation of the third annual conference of RHCETIP

Organisation of second annual conference

Organisation of the second annual conference of the RHC-ETIP.

Data Management Plan

Document which details the procedures to comply with the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), and other relevant ethics’ requirements.


Strategic Report on Implementation of Research and Innovation Priorities and Deployment Trends of the Renewable Heating and Cooling Technologies

Author(s): EDITOR Andrej Mišech (EUREC, BE) Anna Spoden (EUREC, BE) Alicia Blanco (EUREC, BE (creative lead)) CONTRIBUTORS Ioannis Avagianos (Bioenergy Europe, BE) Giorgio Bonvicini (RINA Consulting, IT) Christoph Brunner (AEE Intec, AT) Marco Calderoni (R2M Solutions, IT) Jack Corscadden (Euroheat & Power, BE) Pedro Dias (Solar Heat Europe, BE) Reghina Dimitrisina (European Geothermal Energy Council, BE)
Published in: 2021
Publisher: RHC-Platform

2050 vision for 100% renewable heating and cooling in Europe

Author(s): MAIN AUTHORS (in alphabetic order): • Angel Andreu - Veolia, FR • Christoph Brunner - AEE Intec, AT • Marco Calderoni - R2M solutions, IT • Cristina Cremenescu - Ecovis Ciurtin & Associates, RO • Hatef Madani - KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SE • David Pearson - Star Renewable Energy, UK • Dominik Rutz - WIP Renewable Energies, DE • Bastian Schmitt - University of Kassel, DE
Published in: 2019
Publisher: RHC-Platform

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Climate-Neutral Heating and Cooling in Europe

Author(s): Main authors (in alphabetic order) • Angel Andreu – Veolia, FR • Magdalena Berberich – Solites, DE • Wolfgang Birk – Luleå University of Technology, SE • Christoph Brunner – AEE INTEC, AT • Marco Calderoni – R2M Solution, IT • Maria João Carvalho – LNEG, PT • Guglielmo Cioni – TVP Solar, CH • Luis Coelho – Polytechnic Institute of Setubal, PT • Alice Denarie –
Published in: 2020
Publisher: RHC-Platform

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