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European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy


Report on stakeholder/policy needs

After a consultation exercise to identify stakeholder and policy needs in terms of economics and finance, a report will be produced to communicate these results to the sector. This report will feed in to WP6 in terms of the sector needs from future calls (e.g. FP9)

Report on the prioritisation of research, technology and innovation challenges

The prioritisation process will result in a list of key technology development requirements in the ocean energy sector. This deliverable will be used in the development of the SRIA, D2.3.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Report outlining the technological priority areas, objectives and actions to encourage the commercialisation of ocean energy in Europe. This will build upon the deliverable D2.1 and D2.3.

Mapping & Prioritisation of Key Policy Fields for Ocean Energy

A mapping and prioritisation of key wider policies that may impact the progress of the SET Plan Ocean Energy Implementation Plan in reaching its targets.