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Smart Planning and Virtual Certification


Virtual Certification: Recommendation for introducing simulations in the certification process of rolling stock

Virtual Certification: Recommendation for introducing simulations in the certification process of rolling stock Technical report synthesizing the methods and process that should be used for a mixed virtual/experimental certification.

Plan on Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities

This plan will define the communication and dissemination activities to be undertaken during the life of the project and the provisional strategy towards exploiting the project’s results.

Data Management Plan (including corporate identity)

Describes how the Consortium will manage the data produced and consumed by the project.

Smart Planning: Summary of methods for dealing with incomplete data

A report containing the assessment of how to deal in, both microscopic and macroscopic simulation, with incomplete data, for example coming from unspecified freight trains. Different types of missing information and their impact on the simulation will be analysed and a concept how to deal with these will be presented. Advantages, drawbacks and risks of such a microscopic simulation will be discussed.

Smart Planning: Possibilities for application of the PLASA approach in operational planning

A technical report containing use cases, required features, possible data interfaces, and technical requirements for applying the PLASA model in intraday planning.

Virtual Certification: State of the art, gap analysis and barriers identification, benefits for the Rail Industry

Technical report on the use of virtual certification in the rail industry, gap analysis to other industries and barriers identification. and quantification of the potential benefits to the rail industry from the applications of virtual certification as defined in the Shift2Rail innovation programme

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PRISM: A macroscopic Monte Carlo railway simulation

Author(s): Zinser Markus; Betz Torsten; Becker Maurice; Geilke Michael; Terschlüsen Carla; Kaluza Adam; Johansson Ingrid; Warg Jennifer
Published in: World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) 2019, Tokyo, Japan, 2019

Railway simulation with incomplete data: Creation of realistic timetables for microscopic and macroscopic simulations

Author(s): Ingrid Johansson, Jennifer Warg
Published in: Transportation research conference, 2020 for Transportforum, 2019