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Protection and privAcy of hospital and health iNfrastructures with smArt Cyber sEcurity and cyber threat toolkit for dAta and people

Project description

New tools for cybersecure healthcare

The EU-funded PANACEA project is producing people-centric cybersecurity solutions, for hospitals, software/system developers, medical device manufacturers, digital service providers, engaging three European Healthcare end-users. It offers two toolkits to improve cybersecurity and privacy/data protection. The Solution Toolkit includes four software-based tools for: dynamic risk assessment and mitigation recommendations; : inter-organisational secure information sharing; systems/medical devices security-by-design and certification; and machine-to-machine, user-friendly facial identification and authentication. It also includes three non-technical tools, to contextualise cybersecurity risk governance, and influence staff behaviour through educational voice-less videos, reinforced with guidance to produce behavioural nudges. The Delivery Toolkit supports the Solution Toolkit adoption, including a methodology to assess ROI of cybersecurity investments, and guidance for Toolkit contextualised deployment.


PANACEA will deliver people-centric cybersecurity solutions in healthcare. The Partners will execute on a leanly-orchestrated research workplan, which envisages continuous involvement of the end-user Partners at three European health care centres, including also devices utilised in remote care & homecare settings. Ultimately, PANACEA delivers two toolkits for cyber security assessment and preparedness of Healthcare ICT infrastructures and connected devices: the Solution Toolkit and the Delivery Toolkit. The first one comprisesfour technological tools (for dynamic risk assessment & mitigation, secure information sharing, security-by-design & certification, identification & authentication) and three organisational tools (for training & education, resilience governance, secure behaviours nudging). The second one, specifically supporting adoption of the solution toolkit, comprises two tools (methodology to evaluate the ROI of cybersecurity interventions, guidelines to adopt the solution toolkit and implement other ex-ante mitigation actions). The toolkit will benefit from ninePANACEA ambitious research goals, achieved by moving beyond the current state of the art in the strategic areas of dynamic risk assessment & mitigation (threat modelling, attack modelling, response management, visual analytics), blockchain for secure information sharing, identification/authentication (cryptographic authentication protocols, biometric recognition/digital identity, IoMT identification), secure behaviours decision models and influencers. Impact creation will be supported by designing and executing on an effective communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy involving all partners, from project onset. The PANACEA Consortium is committed, competent and complementary. The Consortium is led by a private hospital, supported by 3 research organisations, 3 large enterprises, 5 SMEs. Severalend-user scenarios, developed in Italy, Crete and Ireland, will provide a solid test-bed.

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