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Certified smart and integrated living environments for ageing well


Desktop research report

Synthesis of findings from existing documents about future living environments

Homes4Life functional brief

Functional brief/programme of requirements for the Homes4Life certification scheme

Innovation Systems Analyses

Report that defines readiness level in different European regions for the certification schemes.

Working taxonomy

Report with the Homes2Life working taxonomy

Certification scheme - technical reference framework - v0

Implementation of the initial technical reference framework in the ISIA platform.

Homes4Life Stakeholders Community of Interest (intermediate report)

Community of Homes4Life relevant stakeholders, including their contact details and their actual (or potential) interest and actual (or expected) contribution in relation with the project. The information will be stored and managed through a simple CRM tool. The report will include the personal data protection specifications according to GDPR Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

KPI Framework for Smart age friendly living environments

KPIs definition for smart and integrated living environments for ageing well.

Vision Document

Document (10-15 pages) with the Homes4Life visions.

Dissemination and Communication plan, activity and performance report (intermediate report)

A document presenting the plan of dissemination and communication activities, and reporting on their actual implementation and impact. T5.4.

Existing R&I initiatives report

Report on existing relevant R&I projects, especially large-scale pilots on Internet of Things and other projects in the fields of independent living and ageing well.

Certification schemes framework report

Report on existing European certification and labelling schemes for smart living environments

Stakeholder Workshop

Meeting with high-level stakeholders to discuss the draft Homes4Life visions

Project website, logo, roll-up poster, leaflet and other sustainable promotional goodies

A wide set of tools for supporting the implementation of the dissemination and communication plan.

Promotional videos (concept)

A short promotional motion-design videos for presenting 1) objectives and outcomes (age-friendly housing) of the project and 2) the Homes4Life process: how to achieve these outcomes.

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