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Implementing Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies in Ports


Report on risk analysis

The document will include the results of the Risk Analysis. The analysis will identify and assess (either qualitatively of quantitatively) potential risks, propose safety distances and identify the Control Zones.

Stakeholders Advisory Group MOU

The Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by all members of the Advisory Group and will demonstrate the involvement of the entity on H2Ports.

Outreach and Dissemination plan

The Outreach and Dissemination plan will define the communication objectives to be achieved for the H2Ports project adapted to various relevant target audiences. The necessaries activities that should be carried out will be described including the adequate timing for its deployment.

Hydrogen needs in Valencia port

This document gather the results of the analysis of the normal operation of the Reach Stacker and Yard Tractor in order to estimate the expected hydrogen consumption during the piloting period.

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