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Green Industrial Hydrogen via steam electrolysis


Draft Communication and Dissemination Plan

Presentation of the strategy (including targets and tools, and budgeted actions) and planning and review of the main communication and dissemination events. The communication strategy shall contain the following essential aspects: - Structure of communication management - Goals and objectives - Target group analysis - Choice of medium and means - Measures for performance monitoring

Plan of action for the operational renewable electricity supply

The plan of action includes the strategy of supplying the GrInHy2.0 with renewable electricity to produce “green hydrogen” according to the CertifHy scheme. This report also discusses the current regulatory framework and different options of renewable electricity supply using the example of the German energy market.

Study on “Hydrogen use in Direct Reduction (DR) Plant – potentials for CO2 mitigation in steel works”

Guideline for implementation / stepwise integration of hydrogen plant technology (industrial scale) including calculations and tables showing carbon footprint mitigation effects using hydrogen in DRP to replace carbon carriers, comparison tables BF/BOF route vs. DRP/EAF route (energy efficiency, carbon footprint)

Periodic report 1

The periodic report contains the technical and financial periodic report as foreseen in Article 20 of the Grant Agreement. Reporting period from month 1 to month 18

Management Guidelines

The Management Guidelines set out the project’s rules and structure, and summarize the partner’s responsibilities according to the Grant Agreement

Definition of long term stack test protocol

Definition of the different steps and measurements to be performed during the stack test. Attention will be paid to define the protocols in agreement with SOCTESQA project and JRC testing practices.

Assessment of hydrogen certification standards and requirements

The assessment includes the existing “green hydrogen” certification at European and national level (main markets to be considered). The investigation will reveal, where barriers are set for a potential market penetration in order to derive suggestions for decision makers

Annual data reporting 1

For technology monitoring and policy analysis purposes, the data generated by the FCH2 JU projects are collected in an internal database (e.g. TRUST)

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