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seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchange


Use cases and requirements

This deliverable will report on the validation of the use case scenarios and how the CUREX requirements have been adopted based on the user feedback.

Blockchain design specifications

A comprehensive documentation which will include all necessary information on the operational design of the CUREX Blockchain.

Asset discovery tool

The deliverable contains a report where an extensive documentation about the ontology design and vocabularies used will be defined. The deliverable also includes a prototype of the asset discovery tool and the ontology main schema according to the FAIR guidelines.

Overall architecture design

This deliverable will report the initial CUREX Platform architecture as well as the technical specifications for the individual components, modules, and tools. Two versions of the D2.2 will be submitted to the EC; one on M8, and the revised one on M12.

Knowledge extraction & analytics

The deliverable includes the model and results of the analysis executed by means of machine learning techniques that will serve as input to the system provided in D3.3.

Threat intelligence engine

This deliverable describes the CUREX threat intelligence platform, its components, methods, design and functionality. Additionally, it includes information about how the data is processed and its output, and the technologies used for the data analytics and machine learning. We present also the interface of the system and an example of use in order to better demonstrate its functionality.

Vulnerability discovery manager

The deliverable includes the main platform developed to manage and discover the vulnerabilities in the systems where the framework is executed. The deliverable describes the mechanisms and tools used in the vulnerability component and how they interact both internally and with external components. Finally, it includes a report describing the functionality of the system and example of use.

Project website

CUREX project website will be officially launched on the start day of the project. The website will provide detailed information about the project objectives and activities. The website will have two sections: public and private. The public part will be open to the general public and will be viewable by anyone with access to Internet. The private part will be regularly updated to provide latest project activities and overall progress and will be accessible only to consortium members. The website will be maintained by the PM.

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Optimizing Investments in Cyber Hygiene for Protecting Healthcare Users

Author(s): Sakshyam Panda, Emmanouil Panaousis, George Loukas, Christos Laoudias
Published in: From Lambda Calculus to Cybersecurity Through Program Analysis - Essays Dedicated to Chris Hankin on the Occasion of His Retirement, Issue 12065, 2020, Page(s) 268-291
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-41103-9_11