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Advanced Multimedia Information Dissemination Environment


The aim of the AMIDE project is to promote the development of multimedia information products and services by providing a comprehensive environment capable of integrating the needs of the main participants in the information dissemination chain: publishers, distributors, media operators and end-users.

AMIDE targets both on-line and off-line services and provides:

- transparent access to different information sources
- uniform presentation, manipulation and storage of information
- copyright safeguard for the dissemination of information
- transparent, usage based, electronic payment facilities.

AMIDE is a distributed and open environment consisting of two main elements - the core tools and the main components. The core tools will address and overcome limitations encountered in current multimedia dissemination systems. The main components, which will integrate the core tools, will enable the AMIDE environment to virtually interface existing dissemination systems and to support the functional requirements of the different dissemination actors. The AMIDE project will incorporate results originating from other ESPRIT projects, such as CITED, TOOTSI and MIPS.

Commercial products will be developed from combining the individual AMIDE components in various ways, such as:

- the minimal AMIDE environment (supporting end-users, distributors and publishers for off-line multimedia information services only),
- the intermediate AMIDE environment (supporting end-users, distributors and publishers for off-line and on-line multimedia information services),
- the optimal AMIDE environment (supporting end-users, distributors, publishers and network operators for off-line and on-line multimedia information services).

AMIDE will be commercialised with a view to setting up AMIDE environments throughout Europe as well as in non-European locations, providing a large end-user base with the means of accessing a number of services in a uniform and secure way. Pilot commercial applications validating the AMIDE results and enhancing the current information services of Infopartners, Questel, Saritel and Sidac will be carried out as part of the project.


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