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Bringing connected to the active elderly


Over the next several years Europe will be witnessing a large change in the age pyramid due to the growing number of the elderly in the total population (today 19.2% with 2.4 % increase compared with 10 years earlier). This will impact on the rising costs of public healthcare – now the European population aged 65+ consumes 60% of healthcare resources. One of the ways to reduce the costs of care for the elderly relates to different means of activating and monitoring them - physical activity has been identified as one of three key health behaviors impacting the major chronic diseases of aging. Although the scientific evidence indicates that the health and quality of life effects of a physically active lifestyle extend across the life course, midlife and older adults represent today the most inactive portion of the population despite availability of diverse assistive solutions such as wearables. In fact, sales reports as qualitative research results demonstrate that they are not attractive to the elderly to the expected extent. At Invis, we have developed an advanced wearable technology that brings connectivity to the classic watch industry, while leaving traditional design without any changes. With our connected strap end users can still keep their watches that have a sentimental value for them and use new technology. Invis is a connected implants system, which brings smart functionalities without the need to invest in a traditional production process - one of the key competitive advantages. Aiming to become a leading smart OEM supplier for classic watch manufacturers we are currently evolving our solution addressing specific needs of the elderly and targeting the potential market at our reach worth over €90M. Building on our successful campaign on Kickstarter and warm welcome during the Baselworld 2017 we are convinced INVIS Care matches anticipated needs and expectations of the elderly – we aim to further investigate it through Phase 1 project.

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