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MENUTECH: Automated allergen labeling and translation for restaurant menus


17 million Europeans suffer from a food allergy, particularly children under 5 years old 1 . This is a
growing public health concern, as the hospital admissions for severe allergic reactions in children
increased 7 fold in the last 10 years 2 . 7 out of 10 allergic reactions occur when people eat outside from
their homes, including 20% of these happening in schools 3 . The European Food Information Council
has replaced 7 and amended 2 directives on nutrition, food safety and allergen labelling. As a result, it
is no longer possible for hotels, restaurants and caterings to provide information on dishes causing
allergies or intolerances only and simply upon request by the consumer. The information on 14
allergens must be provided in written form. The main challenges faced by companies providing guest-
friendly, multilingual and legally compliant food and beverage menus are the lack of (1) time, (2)
resources and (3) technical expertise.
Menutech is a Software as a service (SaaS) which automates the preparation of food menus: it
automates allergen declaration, menu translation and menu design leveraging machine learning
technologies powered by a rich database of dishes. The Menutech software, which is compliant with
EU FIC 1169/2011 regulation, comes with allergen information for thousands of common dishes, so
that Menutech’s customers can ensure that all allergens are adequately labelled with ease. At the
moment, the platform contains 16.000 translated dishes (DE, EN, IT, FR) and 6.000 dishes with
labelled allergens. Menutech has been developed by Menutech GmbH, a German company founded in
February 2017, which has already secured 12 clients (823 users) in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and
Menutech seeks funding to conduct a feasibility study to prove technical and commercial viability,
conducting an analytical exercise to position the product.

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