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KAM Patch, the Smart Sweat Patch: a breakthrough platform for hydration monitoring

Project description

Wearable smart sweat patch for real-time hydration monitoring

Chronic dehydration affects the health and wellbeing of a large fraction of the world’s population and is associated with acute and long-term health risks. Vulnerable groups include children, older people, pregnant and breastfeeding women, athletes, and outdoor workers. The previously developed proprietary wearable device enables wireless hydration monitoring via sweat analysis in real-time. The latest generation of flexible electronics allows the embedding of the device into regular objects, such as patches or Band-Aids. The EU-funded KAM Patch project will continue with the refinement of the epidermal sweat patch. The goal is to develop an ergonomic patch prototype using flexible electronic components for better adaptation to regular human motion.


Dehydration is a silent threat affecting the health and wellbeing of a large fraction of the world’s population. Vulnerable groups such as children, older people, pregnant and breastfeeding women, athletes and outdoor workers present the highest prevalence, resulting in associated acute and long-term health risks.

Our property technology (EP17382045) is KAM Patch, a wearable smart patch that monitors hydration through sweat analysis, wirelessly and in real-time. KAM Patch is created with novel nano-inks capable of transforming commodity materials such as paper, rubber or cotton into smart sensing materials. Through the latest generation of flexible electronics, the device can be embedded in mass-market daily objects, such as patches or Band-Aids.

KAM Patch is simple, affordable and does not require direct user intervention, which facilitates market adoption. This will help people to make smart choices, thus improving their quality of life and producing a positive impact on public health.
The market for this product is still emerging, which is very interesting from a business point of view. Kamleon’s goal is to take a strategic market position in the development of this new health and well-being business. Furthermore, KAM Patch is very different from the technologies currently present in the market, regarding cost and user experience. It is expected that both Kamleon’s value proposition and business models will evolve through time. Initially focusing on hydration, we forecast initial sales during year 3, with a CAGR of 70% and 90 % the following 4 and 5 years through an intensive commercialization and internationalization plan, with an estimated 12 M revenues, generating an employees’ growth from 4 to 52 professionals during year 5.

This Phase 1 will consist of a thorough feasibility study, intended to measure KAM Patch’s potential and assess its technical and economic viability.

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