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HeartWatch - contactless patient vital signs monitoring


There are over 200m people globally in need of Long term care who are in receipt of some form of government aid. There
are 2 main problems faced in adequately providing this care: There are not enough workers in the industry to cover the
demand – only 47% coverage currently; and current Medical tools are only good for short term monitoring, these are not
automated and most are invasive. Contactless monitoring of health and physical conditions. Can detect symptoms of serious
conditions such as heart attack and stroke before they actually happen.

Using off-the-shelf digital cameras with resolutions above 2MP, HeartWatch’s facial recognition software can measure
cardiac signal with over 97.5% accuracy and breathing signal with over 98% accuracy by detecting minor colour changes in
the skin on a patient’s face. These can be used to detect Atrial Fibrillation with a 96% accuracy level. This helps solve both
the problem of insufficient workforce and the need for a fully automated, non-invasive system.

Total addressable market for Long Term Care in EU-15+Switzerland: $221B in year 2015 +4.1% CAGR -> $405B by year
2030. In the EU-15+Switzerland, there are 3.28m people in 2015 needing in-patient long-term care, and 7.12m at home. In
whole of Europe 4.2m & 8m respectively. The business model is B2B direct sales of cameras and monthly subscription to
nursing homes and long term care facilities, will then partner with distributors for scaling up. B2C sales through distributors of
cameras and monthly subscription for home use. This is supplemented by a monthly subscription based model, accessing
the monitoring and dashboard configurations and data insights for customers.

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