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The first fully automated brewing machine for the bar and restaurant industry


The main product and brand of Newity Kft. is “Brewie”, the first fully automated brewing machine that allows anyone to produce high-quality beer at home. In addition to the machine, we also develop and sell packs of ingredients designed to be used with Brewie, the so-called Brewie Pads, generating recurring revenue.
We have sold altogether ca. 1000 machines so far. In 2017, only the fourth year of operations, we realised a turnover of €1 million; and we are expecting to exceed €3 million in revenues in 2018. Our company now has a staff of 25 and distributors all over the world.
We are taking advantage of significant changes undergoing on the beer market. While the market of mainstream beers of the large producers stagnates or even decreases on their traditional European and US markets, interest in craft beers and home brewing is growing sharply.
Brewie’s main advantage over its competitors is its full automation and small size. Brewie is the only machine on the market that takes care of every single step of the brewing process and follows exactly the traditional way of brewing. While our current machine, Brewie20, is intended for home use, it attracted interest from the bar and restaurant industry as well.
We have realised that there is considerable interest from a large number of bars and restaurants to brew their own beer as long as it does not require significant investment in expertise and infrastructure. Considering this market interest, we decided to develop and commercialise a professional Brewie machine and related products and services specifically for this sector.
However, the requirements to successfully serve businesses are quite different from the requirements of our current consumer market. Therefore, in the current Phase 1 project we intend to better understand the specific needs and requirements of this segment. The findings of our study will inform our subsequent product development and commercialisation strategy.

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