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Development of a new biomolecule to better control reproduction in fish


"Fish farming is growing at 8% a year and will soon be the main source of fish for consumers. It supplies more than 34% of the world's fish consumption. Nevertheless, due to captivity environment some species have reproduction problems with no spontaneous ovulation in females and no spermiation in males. In some farmed freshwater species (ie, Carp, Salmon, Trout) and marine species (ie, Sea bass, Sea bream) the growth phase of reproductive development occursin captivity in contrast to oocyte maturation and ovulation in females, and spermiation in males that do not occur spontaneously. This problem requires exogenous hormonal therapies which are the only way to produce fertilized eggs reliably. In other species, these hormonal manipulations are used only as a management tool to enhance the efficiency of egg production, increase spermiation and facilitate hatchery operations.
ReproPharm Vet developed a first in class monoclonal antibody RP01 and its fragment RP001, that are able to potentiate the activity of endogenous FSH and LH in mammals such as rat, bovine, ovine, porcine species. RP001 fragment can induce ovulation in female and stimulate spermatogenesis in male without any exogenous hormone injection. When injected, it acts directly on circulating FSH and LH hormones by binding to them and potentiating their activity. RP001 is more effective than conventional hormonal treatments it induces a better ovulation rate in polyovulating species and a better steroidogenic response in every species.
Treatment with potentiating RP001 would be a highly innovative solution, hormone free, which could be a disrupting product in fishing market if we demonstrate its efficacy on fish FSH and LH. Its added value would be a more efficient method to induce ovulation and spermatogenesis without any exogenous hormone injection. RP001 would be a ""must-have"" product to better control fish reproduction in a natural and sustainable way that represents a special issue on environment.

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