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Neuromrophic Quantum Computing



Webpage and communication platforms. The project website will contain the main communication node for all partners in a password protected part and provide information for the public in an open access part.

Technical/scientific review meeting documents 1

Draft agenda and presentations delivered during the review meeting.

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

network simulation v1

Intermediate report on the numerical simulation of quantum neural networks that we build. These simulations can be done in a numerically exact fashion for small networks but will require the adaption of cutting edge quantum many-body simulations for larger networks.

scalability strategy v1

Intermediate report on scalability improvements for the next generation of quantum neural networks that covers our progress in developing novel concepts that require less circuit depth or less network connectivity while maintaining a useful expressive power.

network training v1

Intermediate report on training strategies and simulation of application to a classification problem. The report will cover integrations of our simulations into a network training processes and explorations of applications to simple machine learning problems, such as recognition of hand written digits in the MNIST data set.

training software v1

Intermediate report on implementation of data-analysis and training software that will cover the development of a Python code for the data analysis and generation of feedback signals that train the networks developed in the project.

network implementation v1

Intermediate report on the implementation of two types of feed forward quantum neural networks. The report will cover our progress in implementing neurons based on adiabatic ram processes for fixed frequency qubits and neurons that feature nonlinear activation functions realized via a measurement and feedback control loop. We will also report on progress to connect these neurons into elementary networks.

annealer implementation v1

Intermediate report on implementation of non-equilibrium quantum annealer that is built of superconducting Kerr-nonlinear oscillators driven by a two-photon drive. The report will cover progress in the implementation of these driven oscillators as well as their coupling into a network.

Data management plan

A data management plan that will be agreed among all partners.

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QuCAT: quantum circuit analyzer tool in Python

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Digital-analog quantum algorithm for the quantum Fourier transform

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Smooth bang-bang shortcuts to adiabaticity for atomic transport in a moving harmonic trap

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Quantum Supremacy in Cryptography with a Low-Connectivity Quantum Annealer

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Logistic Network Design with a D-Wave Quantum Annealer

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Benchmarking the noise sensitivity of different parametric two-qubit gates in a single superconducting quantum computing platform

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Training the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm without access to a Quantum Processing Unit

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Superconducting resonator single-photon spectroscopy through electromagnetically induced transparency

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Quantum Approximate Optimization of Non-Planar Graph Problems on a Planar Superconducting Processor

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Speed-up Quantum Perceptron via Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

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Shortcuts to adiabaticity for an interacting Bose-Einstein condensate via exact solutions of the generalized Ermakov equation

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TensorFlow Quantum: A Software Framework for Quantum Machine Learning Michael Broughton

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Versatile Atomic Magnetometry Assisted by Bayesian Inference

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