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Pooling SME adoption and deployment of Blockchain and other DLTs


Blockchain and DLT Boot camp course materials

Course materials will include different knowledge blocks and real business challenges on BDLTs.

Open Call Documents

Full set of open call documents, including: - Open Call Announcement - Open Call Document - Guide for Applicants - Proposal Template

Blockchain and DLT Boot camp structure

Overall coordination of the structure definition and organization of the three boot camps in the potential selected locations (Brussels, Valencia, Frankfurt or Nicosia).

DLT and Blockchain developers Catalogue

The deliverable will include a catalogue of DLT and blockchain developers that will help selected start-ups and SMEs to address technical and/or business issues as well as to provide them with relevant guidance when implementing the pilots.

Security report for DLT implementations for SMEs

Report including a categorization of threads, likeliness indicators, possible work around and solutions

Briefing Book

Briefing book containing a set of quality principles, guidelines (including the code of conduct) and protocols, but also the SME Applicant Toolkit

Proof of Concepts from SMEs

Definition of Proof of Concept (PoC) by SMEs to allow them focus on the development of their projects

Industry analysis report of DLT initiatives and projects

Industry analysis report of DLT initiatives and projects including 3 B2C and 3 B2B examples

Project Leaflets

Design, development and printing of project's leaflets

Database of EU blockchain and DLT stakeholders and their technologies

This database will support the broader understanding of user cases and BDLT developers’ needs as well as possible solutions. This database will be constantly monitored and will remain open for (internal) adjustments throughout the project.

YouTube Channel

The official YouTube channel of the project will be constantly updated with new video and media content and regularly monitored for improving its performance and reach

Massive Open Online Course

This deliverable will take the form of video recorded lectures. They will be hosted in the project’s website. In addition, an accompanying study guide will be developed.

Project Logo

The logo of the project will following the definition of BLOCKPOOL visual identity and branding

Webinar series: Blockchain business analysis

This deliverable will take the form of video recorded webinars on blockchain business analysis. They will be hosted on the project’s website. In addition, an accompanying study guide will be also developed.


Design, development and printing of project's posters

Expert Database

"The expert database will include an ""Evaluator database"" internal to the consortium. Experts will be selected according to their impartial assessment background – based on the evaluation criteria as defined in the Open Call."

Social Media Pages

The deliverable will be formed by at least 1 project's page on 2 social media, namely Facebook and LinkedIn

Project Flyers

Design, development and printing of project's flyers

Promo Videos

Creation and delivery of at least 1 promotional (“promo”) video per year to be widely diffused

Branded Portal

The Portal will include both standard and interactive features (information about’s, consortium members, ways to join the network/community, affiliation perspectives, varia, project activities, public events, links to social media/channels, links to public deliverables, press material/package, publications, blog posts, brochures, videos, etc.). Furthermore, the portal will have a dedicated section for individuals and organisations with personal profile capabilities. The portal will be a reference ground for the sustainability of the project and will comply with regulations on data openness, data protection and EU Cookie policy.


The creation of Info-Packs regarding project objectives for the dissemination in conferences and local dissemination events is foreseen. The content of the Info-Pack will be discussed with project partners in order to avoid ineffective material with no communication impact over the targeted groups (providing a USB key instead of pencils for instance; tailoring the leaflet according to the channel/group under the scope; etc.)


Blockchain-based incentive systems for crowdsourcing - A model to increase user involvement

Author(s): Johannes Kilp
Published in: 2021

How do SMEs in Europe deploy Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies?

Author(s): Conny Weber - European Crowdfunding Network, Robert Richter - Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Erik Ackermann - Fraunhofer IMW, Johannes Kilp - Fraunhofer IMW
Published in: 2021